I was once asked if I had a “life statement”.  Words to live by.  The purpose of having a blog.  Who do I hope will be encouraged by reading it?

Since I’ve “remodeled” my blog, I thought now would be a good time to include my blog vision statement.

More and more recently, I’m drawn to reach out.  More specifically,

Reach to the Unseen.

Obviously, as you read this,  I can’t see you.  So I hope the words and posts I write will bring  joy, encouragement and even spur you to reach out to others.

Lord willing, there’s more to the unseen I hope to reach.  I know there’s others out there who think of themselves as unseen – on purpose or unintentionally.  There’s women who choose to hide behind masks to be unseen and there’s women who feel unseen and wish they can discover and use their gifts and passions that are deep inside.

I’ve been there, done that and honestly still do sometimes when it comes to feeling unseen.  For me personally, it’s been intentional more than unintentional.  The past few years though, I’ve chosen to change.  To lower the mask, get a little uncomfortable, pray more, take some risks, learn something new and do something.

Together, let’s lift each other up, share stories, and spur each other on to discover the gifts and beauty inside us so we will be unashamed of our personal missions, our passions and purposes defined by the word of truth.

“Do everything you can to present yourself to God as a woman who is fully genuine, a worker unashamed of your mission, a guide capable of leading others along the correct path defined by the word of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15

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