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10 Things I Learned in June

I know I write about reminders I need of God’s goodness and grace but it’s always a good thing to frequently learn new things so it can possibly be used and helpful in life lessons in the future.

Last month I was reading a post in Chatting at the Sky by Emily Freeman “10 Things I Learned in May”. It was quite good and I thought… “Hey, I might try to do that…it’ll be interesting to see if I’m still not too old to learn something new.” I posted a thanks in her comments and so did several others. So, she gave the challenge the next day for anyone else to keep a list in June of things he/she learned in between June 1st and June 28th and she’ll have a link up today. Be random and write down anything you learned.

So, here it goes! 10 things I Learned in June

1. Our family went strawberry picking and we were entertained by a Killdeer bird. It was a male and female and while the female was protecting the eggs in the next she had built in a hole where a bush should’ve been, nearby the male was acting crazy! It was screaming and what looked like a funny dance or acting like it had a broken wing. It was trying to distract us from going to the nest. We’d never seen or heard of a killdeer bird before. It was rather entertaining.



2. I learned about living during the Depression. I’m creating a life and faith book for an older gentleman from West Virginia. He was a country-boy with amazing stories of what it was like to live during the 1930s and 40s on a farm really in the middle of now where. He was describing to me the house he lived in as a youngster. He told me, “The house had five rooms with a wrap- around porch facing east or south on two sides of the house where we could sit and eat while listening to the birds. It was a nice place. It wasn’t a ‘five room and bath’ – it was ‘five rooms to a path’, if you know what I mean!“ (The path led to the outhouse!) He has such a good sense of humor and that was the only way he knew life during that time. I really couldn’t imagine having an outhouse for a bathroom. I’d miss my toilet, shower, feet on a rug when I step out of it, and a big mirror. I take so much for granted.

3. Sharks are scared of dolphins. One of my kids told me that. I had no idea.

4. When you put too many clothes in the washing machine, the water overflows. Just in case you didn’t know. I learned by experiencing it. At least the entire floor in the laundry room is nice and clean now. I’ve been having more washing machine episodes lately.

5. I don’t like being put on the spot in front of a video camera. Just saying.

6. Wearing Sea-bands and actually driving, instead of riding in a car (even in the front seat), on a curvy mountain road really helps keep me from being motion sick…for an hour. That’s good for me because I’ve always been a passenger and usually get sick right when the curves begin. But after an hour not so much. Not at all.


7. Dramamine really works for motion sickness but should be taken the night before the trip so you can sleep a little bit of it off so you’re not too loopy the next day. It really works though…at least for me!

8. There’s a town in southern Virginia called “The Mouth of Wilson”. What kind of name is that for a town? So, I ended up asking a resident who lives in nearby town when we were camping if he knew why it was called that and he said it used to the be mouth of the Wilson creek. But I had to look that up some more and there’s more to the story…”The name Mouth of Wilson originates from a young surveyor named Wilson, who died and was buried in a creek while surveying the line between Virginia and NC in 1749. The creek was henceforth known as the Wilson Creek. That creek runs into a larger one…and you know the rest.

9. My sister-in-law has a new website Embellish Decorating and I’m so glad she does. She and here sister are such decorators! They can find what some people think is junk on the side of the road or at a yard sale and make it look amazing in your living room!



10. I learned this was rather fun and maybe I’ll do this again next month!

Why don’t you try making a list? I guess they can all the Thanks–to-God for the things we can learn, too.

Is there something you’ve learned recently? Why don’t you click on comments below and share!

(It just so happened this is Five Minute Friday and today’s word is IN BETWEEN and just fits right into this post because I was sharing what I’ve learned between June 1-June 28. So, I know it was more than 5 minutes of spontaneous thinking but still fun to include.


Happy Weekend!

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