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11 things I learned in April 2014

OK. Here’s #1 – Recently I’ve learned I’ve gotten so busy, I’m not as observant of what I’m learning.

I know a lot of it is responsibilities to do and kids and family activities to be at, but it’s not just those that seem to have kept my mind in a fog lately. There’s some other *things* that have set up camp in my soul and is hogging the space of normalcy and the ability to remember even simple things. Learning about life isn’t always a simple matter though and that takes time to understand and that’s more of what I’m being taught these days.

Emily P. Freeman has a link up on her blog, Chatting in the Sky, at the end of each month for people to share what they’ve learned each month. It’s something fun to do and I wanted to join in this month.

#2 One of my heroes has a new blog. I think she’s such a gifted writer and I’ve subscribed to her blog and you’ll want to too! She’s a dreamer, ministry leader and a many-hats-wearer and each post has something to read.

#3 If you’re on your way north on Hwy. 81, take a detour in Harrisonburg, VA and go to the White Oak Lavender Farm. My sister-in-law (who also has an amazing home decorating gift and blog) took me, my daughter and her two girls during spring break to this beautifully landscaped lavender farm. The aromas, store filled with everything lavender – including ice cream – was relaxing even for a moment with our kids wanting to see everything.





{I don’t know how the employees liked us after spilling fruit juice on the store’s floor and feeding the chickens that surrounded and invited themselves to our picnic there}

There were also several farm animals we could pet and it was a good couple of ours out in the country side.

#4 I learned that the White Oak Farm is the home of the 2012 Turkey that Obama saved on Thanksgiving Day that year. His name is George. I’ve never in my life seen a turkey that large and it looked as if you stuck a pin in it’s chest, it would pop and explode! It was so large it even had difficulty waddling. We don’t know what he thought about us though. Once he discovered us, he tried to follow us around the farm to either *chase* us off the property or thought our girls were so adorable he wanted to spend a pleasant afternoon with us. Either way we got many laughs watching his manners.



{Do you spy George trying to catch up with us}

#5 Our family went to see the movie God’s Not Dead. I thought it was a good production and even more importantly a good way to show how Christians’ beliefs and faith are challenged these days and encourages the viewers to stand up for Jesus. Because it’s worth it.

#6 Our son can score soccer goals! We’ve been consumed with soccer lately and his coach changed things up a little bit this season which included our son. He’s always played defense but was placed up front and during a tournament a couple of weeks ago, he scored 4 of the 7 goals made that weekend. Way to go, son, and keep playing your hardest is all areas of your life!

#7 A fact you probably didn’t know: the same man who invented Pop Rocks candy also invented Tang. Do you remember eating the drinking those as a kid?

#8 I’m learning from the life of an 85 year-young women who still lives on the exact same land where she was born and lived on in the country-part of our county. To hear the story of this woman who’s had to take care of others ever since she was a child and has experienced many losses in her life yet finds joy daily through Christ inspires me.

#9 Do you know what a Seder Meal is? The ministry for 5th and 6th graders at our church had a family event where one evening we say on royal-looking pillows and blankets and consumed the meal that dates back to Passover in the Old Testament. It included Matzah (unleavened break), Maror (horseradish), charoset (sweet apple mixture), an egg, Karpas (parsley), salt water and wine…all of which people practice to remember how God passed over those he saved and lead out of slavery toward the Promised Land. It was surely a historical and holy learning experience for our family.

#10 There’s a new band out there for country music lovers. til Tennessee’s songs tell stories about redemption and love with a great twang! The fun part of it for me is that I’m friends with the lead female singer (they’re a duo). It’s a dream that’s come true for her and it was a gift for us for them to leave Nashville for the weekend to sing for us *back home* in Burlington, NC. {Check out their songs here.} They’re great!


#11 Some new books came out recently and are on the shelves in stores and online that I either started reading this month or were released this month that I hope to read soon…maybe over the summer at the pool or beach

A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. I’m actually a quarter way through it and half of the sentences are underlined. I highly recommend reading this one! The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith, or also called the Nester. “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. Embrace imperfection in all areas of life! Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa Jo Baker. It’s beautiful for mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts…anyone!

So, there we go! The 10 things I’ve learned the past couple of months. Thank you for stopping by and I’d love for you to comment below something you’ve learned recently!

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