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6 Things I learned in February


It’s already the end of February and next month will be the start of Spring. It’s sped by so quickly I couldn’t slow down as much to realize what I’ve learned this month. Yet how can it seem to have gone by so quickly when there was a week in the middle of the month where we were given the gift to slow down due to a snowy week?

So thankful for those days to slow down and just be and just have fun. And that’s good and that’s needed. But then the snow melted and in the days after that, the few things I learned since then have been big to me…and still dwelling on some of them not knowing quite how to express it.

But these things I know I’ve learned so here they are…


1. I still find joy in sledding. Here in NC we don’t get a really good snowfall but once every several years. Or at least it seems that way. We’ll get snow but not the kind that’s good to make a snow ball or icy enough to sled on, much less enough to slide on period. But this month we got a good one that kept the kids out of school for 3 days and even my husband’s work was cancelled as well those same 3 days. We went sledding and sledding again. Threw snowballs and build a fort. And it was a joy the entire time – even though I wasn’t 16 or younger.

2. I found the recipe of how to make snow cream. Of my many years of life, I’ve never made snow cream. It was OK. But it was fun to make! It was a little more fun making homemade donuts on our new kitchen toy.



3. There are women all over this planet who have become passionate to live out their purpose in the name of Jesus. The purpose to reach out, share, give, help and love by using the gifts God has given them. I recommend reading the book Restless by Jennie Allen, the found of IF:Gathering. This team of women from all walks of life but with the same love for Jesus gathered and felt the Spirit lead them to put on this gathering in complete trust to God. They didn’t know exactly what would come from it but having trust that God will use it to help spread His love and good news. It was an incredible experience even though I was there through a webcast.

4. I learned what DWJTY stands for. “Do What Jesus Tell You”. Just do it.

“Walk across whatever field, take whatever mountain, cross whatever sea. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says can’t. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says don’t. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says won’t. All that matters is whatever He. Tells You.”

5. A sparrow is the only bird that can be found on every continent. Did you know that? I heard Shelley Giglio tell that fact when she spoke at IF.

6. I learned how much I really do detest mandated standardized tests. They steal the creativity and confidence from a child and anger parents. And now questions on the tests are questions taken from tests given in the 1920s and 30s? What has happened? Do leaders in our legislature have sons and daughters in public school? Enough said because I could go on and on…

7. There’s people who do random acts of kindness by putting a sticker on the bottom of windows at drive-thru restaurants that gives the people who notice it a smile.



Hoping we’ll all welcome spring soon and be renewed, refreshed and ready to take on a new season of life!

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