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Joining in with Five Minute Friday to write about what comes to mind when today’s word is “bare”.


In the depths of who we are, everyone longs to be filled. We were not created to feel barren or hollow.

When we bear the image of Christ, we are no longer bare.

I just read this yesterday:

“God sent Jesus as the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15) to restore the image of God in us.

I don’t think Jesus ever felt bare, even though he really was a homeless man and yet was able to live on the physical bare necessities of life. Jesus’ bare necessity…his only necessity… was his Father.

God wants us to call him Father, Abba, too. We are not to feel barren. We have His cloak of love put around us. He gives us a crown of righteousness to wear as the king’s children whom he deeply loves and be part of his family. We are given the sturdy sandals to wear as we are his disciples. We are given the same confidence in God as Jesus has. We are given beauty. We are given hope. We are given deep joy.

We are given a cup that constantly overflows with the riches of God’s grace.

quote by Greg Ogden

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