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Today is Friday and that means it’s Five Minute Friday where a word is given and then freely write the first thoughts that come to mind. Today’s word is…



How Often Mothers Explode. Yes for some reason that just popped in my mind right after I said, “Go”. What does that imply? Well this…

Underneath the roof of this house is a story being written each day. And maybe a running theme can be “explode”.

Sometimes it looks like a bomb exploded with clothes lying all over the floor, scattered paper all through the house, dust balls and crumbs everywhere and the kitchen looking as if it was a war zone. Sometimes fireworks explode in times of excitement and joy and the simple pleasure I receive from our family. Laughter can erupt but so can tempers. There are times when as a mom, I feel like my frustration could explode, and I confess it has a few times, and afterwards I angrily ask myself “why?” Then grace-filled God reminds of His promises and how I’m still loved.

And all of those things happen within the four walls that hold tight this family. The home is our refuge and place to rest and refill…refill each other with praise, encouragement and love. Even in the midst of messiness, it is still home and I desire to make it a home lived in well with love.

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