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A baby’s flight of faith

It’s Friday and that means Five Minute Friday! Today’s word is VIEW.

I’ve been looking out the window in the sunroom and porch a lot more these days. There’s a nest in the birdhouse hammered to the tree beside the windows and porch. My daughter made and painted that house at girl scout camp a few years ago. Last year we had the small gray titmouse birds living in that house and they came back again this spring.

Last year this same time was a God moment for me to experience watching those babies see the world for the first time and to see them take their first flight…and see the huge snake stalk them as prey as they hopped on the ground trying to grasp where they were and what they were supposed to do now in this new enormous place….a neighborhood backyard.

Looking out with my camera close by hoping to see those baby birds fly for the first time again. I’ve been looking out for that snake who wants to steal, kill and destroy…and eat.

Yesterday I saw one of the babies for the first time! It finally peeked it’s head out of the little hole and looked around. What a view that must have been for that fragile baby bird. What was going through that bird’s mind? To see bright light and green grass and leaves and purple flowers and feel a breeze and see other birds flying around and a squirrel scurry across another branch? Was it thinking, “Ahhh! A new life and new adventure!”? or did it have fear of the unknown?



I think it did. It went back in the house and I haven’t seen it again…24 hours later. I know it’s still in there because I can hear it.

When have I been like that? When have there been times when there’s the unknown yet beautiful but I go back and hide again not ready to take the risk? Not ready to spread those wings out and fly?


Any time now those babies will fly out…any moment they have to trust their mama who has been trying to lure them out.

When is that moment going to be when God lures you to trust and fly out of your hidden place just to feel safe instead of taking a flight of faith?

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