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A few ideas, directions or callings?

I just sit here with a blank screen. A blank mind. My fingers just positioned to type on the keyboard but not moving…well they are now…but for a long time they weren’t.

That’s just like this year. It’s a new year with a blank screen, a white canvas, an inkless piece of crisp paper. What’s going to fill that space? What is this chapter in your life going to be this year? What will be the illustrations?


You might have come far on your story this year already. You may have already made a draft and mapped out where you plan to go and what you plan to do. You may still be trying to figure it out. You may be happy-go-lucky, or better yet, completely trusting, excited to see wherever the paint brush strokes.

I have a sketch. I have a few ideas. I don’t exactly know which direction they’ll go. I’m going to trust.

How about a theme being James 1:27?

elder and orphan

(photo from Feed the Hunger)

For years I’ve had the heart for widows, especially over the age of 75. And more and more, my heart has been beating faster for orphans, especially in third world countries. But it was not until this past fall when James 1:27 kept making its appearance in my life. I’ve never really put the two and two (widows and orphans) together in my personal life and I know I’ve read James 1:27 before several times, but it wasn’t until recently that it’s just jumped out at me. (Isn’t it great how the Word can do that?!)

My idea, or direction, or calling…. is to include some guest writers in my *journal* (or blog) every now and then. And the guest writers are widows ( usually 75+) and orphans and/or people who work with orphans in third world countries. All my life I’ve had the heart to spend time with the older adults. But for a few years, I’ve guided people 70+ young to tell their life and faith stories and make a book for them. I want to write down and save what I’ve learned from them…and they cannot tell it better than anyone else. So every so often I want to write down (or type) words of wisdom, lessons learned, their real life experiences that helped form who they are now. Who can’t learn from them?


(photo from Feed the Hunger)

But James 1:27 also includes orphans. Dear friends or our family lead a ministry, New Directions International/Feed the Hunger that ministers to Christ-followers in third world countries and helps feed the hungry children there, as well. There are amazing stories from God’s children in poverty, and stories that come from people who’ve been on their mission trips that need to be shared and heard. It can be a way to hold me accountable to keep those orphans in my prayers and support them in different ways. And maybe you too?

Just trusting Him as a heart longs, as stories unfold like a gift, as fingers write, and as ears listen for a small voice.

Thanking God for:

#1147 gift inside – a shopper all by herself at Walmart who was smiling every time I saw her when we passed a few times in the isles. I don’t think she ever stopped smiling. I think she must have deep smile wrinkles on her cheeks. What if we were all like that? Wearing the habit of joy on your face.

#1148 invitation and fellowship over a hearty bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup at our neighbors home with a community of disciples

#1149 gift reading – 40 reasons why we love our friend for her 40th birthday

#1150 gift making – broccoli and cheese quiche for dinner…breakfast for dinner

#1151 gift seeing – an assortment of delicate china tea cups and plates


#1152 gift in the heart – one year ago today (1.6.2012) was the first day I started counting joys

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