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A Prayer of Joy this Advent Season

Lord, we are filled with joy because of You. We sing praises to Your Name, O Most High!

We rejoice because of You, and we want to say it again! Rejoice! We know You are near; Emmanuel is coming! This advent season, and always, remind us of the joy we have as we anticipate Your arrival a second time, but also that You are with us, in our presence here and now.

God, we long to always have the joy that comes only from You in our lives – not just happiness that is temporary. Happiness can be things we see and do, but joy is deeper and given to us only through your Holy Spirit.

We sing with joy to You as Mary did after learning of her holy pregnancy:

Our souls are ecstatic, overflowing with praises to You, God! Our spirits burst with joy over our life-giving God! Oh, Mighty One, You have worked a mighty miracle for us; holy is Your name! Mercy kisses all who revere You, from one generation to the next.

We also sing joy to the world because You have come! Let earth receive her king! Let each of our hearts prepare room for You, as heaven and nature sing.

In wonder and joy, we watch the events of your birth, and with awe, we perceive from afar your cross and your crown. Come, Lord Jesus. Sustain us, uphold us, redeem us.

Repeating the sounding joy,


{Scripture used in this prayer: Psalm 9:2, Philippians 4:4-5, Luke 1:46, 49-50}

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