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A Pretty Cool Moment and Song:: Day 26 Hold Tight Series


Oh the past couple of days I’ve written about how we can be bound in chains or we can be bound knowing for certain something will happen.

Earlier this month I had an extra bit of time one afternoon and I was starting to write how the Story of the Promised Land can be included in my blog theme of promises this month.

I was tapping away on my keyboard and decided to listen to some music to break the silence and hopefully inspire. My husband had just told me about a website called Spotify where you can listen to all different kinds of music. I don’t remember the musician I set my playlist on but a few songs into the list a song I had never heard began to play.

I honestly didn’t pay attention to the words of the first stanza because it was just quiet background music but all of a sudden these words grabbed my attention:

I am bound.

I am bound.

I am bound to the Promised Land.”


I was sitting there writing about the Promised Land and this song I had never heard before about the Promised Land *just-so-happens* to flow out of the little speakers in my computer.

I’m still amazed how God gives gifts like that at just the perfect time. How could a joy-tear not fall?

So this song I had never heard was sung by Jars of Clay who had revised an old hymn written by Samuel Stennett who lived from 1727-1795. I love the way Jars of Clay sang that classic hymn that had been around for 250 years with the banjo mixed in to it.

If you have a moment, I highly recommend you listening to it.

Click here to listen to it and read the words as it’s played. I promise! It’s a gift!

I know I’ll be asking along the way in life,

“When shall I see that happy place And be forever blessed?”

But until then, I’m choosing to be bound and determined to keep heading to that Promised Land God promises us.

(Another God-gift…the Scripture at the end of this song video is Acts 2:39. Of all the promises in the Bible I had chosen that same one as a promise on last weekend’s post.)

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