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After the day is done…

Joining in today with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is AFTER

After the day is done and I look back at all the things I did, or had to do, was it pleasing to God or was it pleasing to my family or to me?

In the midst of doing going to the grocery store, laundry, playing with the turtle we’re ‘babysitting’, making chili on a cold, rain/sleet/snowy April afternoon, building a fort out of blankets, working on a project deadline, and watching Duck Dynasty with the family…did I do OK?

Were there moments when I grabbed hold of life-giving and life-encouraging opportunities or was I more concerned about the things I had on the to-do list in my mind (and on paper!)?

Did I help someone in need? Did I take the time to just.listen. to my son as he tells me again the details of yesterday’s soccer practice? Did I compliment my husband? Did I snuggy with my daughter and wrap my arms around her like she loves to do? Did I talk with God? Did I remember, just 5 days ago, Jesus’ resurrection and the start of new life?


How easy it is to let those simple – yet essential – practices of love from the heart get smothered under the heap of “things” that I think I must get done. So, I’m going to try at the end of the day, to look back and see if I shared, gave, or did those little things that show joy and give love. And I need to see the places I could’ve done a lot better…and remember the grace that covers it all and that tomorrow is a new day.

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