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An engraved word in my vocabulary

Joining in today with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is




Remember is such an engrained word in my vocabulary.

Several years ago I look up how many times “remember” is in the Bible (167). It’s my passion to encourage older adults to remember their stories so I can create a book for them. It’s a “re-“ word (l love words that start with re-!). Loosing my memory when I become older is a fear of mine because in my former career I worked with people who had memory loss. Journaling is a way to remember our heartfelt journey. We love to remember times ago filled with joy and laughter, and also times that were not so joyful but can look back on and see how they were overcome. I need simple reminders daily of God’s goodness and grace.

God wants us to remember. (And I must believe that deep down in the hearts of believers who loose their memory have not forgotten Him.)

God wants us to never forget His sacrifice of His Son for us. There’s only one more week of Lent and I want to make this one count. I want to remember what Jesus did on the cross and never let that memory slip away.


As I mentioned before, I do enjoy spending time with older and wiser people that me and having them remember their stories. If you’re interested in learning more about writing your life or faith story click here.

I hope you have a joy-filled weekend to remember!

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