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An icy surprise


Holding onto this promise as our area in NC is still recovering from our unexpected ice storm that took down many homes, trees, wire lines and left thousands without power…and still do not have power.

Even though the ice caused many troubles, there was still beauty in the mess. There was beauty God’s ice sculptures but also to see and be part of community joining together to clean up. Neighbors who you hardly see crawl out of their homes with chainsaws, shovels, gloves, helping hands, feet and backs along with chuckles and conversations. People opening their homes, sofas, kitchens and heat to those without it just around the corner.


We’re ever so grateful for all the people who work overtime and going out of their way to help the needs of those in our area.








Let us consider this icy surprise a trust opportunity that spring is right around the corner, cold days are going to melt away and we will have new life and exciting new beginnings!

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