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Catch lightning bugs and eat Icee pops

Joining in with Five Minute Friday to write for five minutes about today’s word which is RHYTHM

Days have quickly changed in just a week. I’m having to wake the kiddos up to get to swim practice on time at 9am. My daily walking the dog with Jesus is at 6:30am now instead of 8:00am during the school year. My conversations with Him drift off into jabber about useless things or the list of to–dos for the day instead of praise and true heart to heart talks because I’m still half asleep.

A new summer rhythm is starting and it’s a good one but I already see some scratches in the record of a summer break that needs to be smoothed out. For those of us who used to have record players, don’t you remember how a record playing would get stuck where there was a scratch and just repeat the same word over and over? It got stuck in a rut. I’ve found myself easily getting stuck in the rut of working on projects on the computer and letting them play on ipods or stuck in the rut of the lack of creativity (but there should be no excuse for that) so maybe it’s honestly just called laziness.

That’s not a rhythm I want us to have. The only groove I want to get stuck in is giggles and grace and making joy-memories to get us through the year until it’s summer again. Take time to enjoy smelling the roses, picking tomatoes and blueberries, cheer for flips and toe-touches off the diving board and play Monopoly for hours. Go for bike rides and trips to the yogurt shop, catch lightning bugs and eat icee pops as sticky juice runs down your chin.




Don’t take those things for granted.

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