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Daily Joy and Gratitude


This song is playing on Pandora by Thrid Day as I stare blankly at this screen.  Isn’t it a joy to see how just the right words can come at just the right time?  Part of that song comes from an old hymn written in the early 1900s by Helen Howarth Lammel. (click here if you’d like to listen to it)

Turn your eyes upon Jesus and look for His wonderful face.  And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

May the things of earth grow strangely dim as I make a effort to seek joy within and capture the daily gifts from God.  He gives us mercy and grace and just what we need.  He gives us people and strategic places, divine appointments, nature to relish and the Holy Spirit to live in us.

Counting joys brings daily joy and gratitude.   How about you?

#2231  all the teachers preparing for a new school year

#2232  new back to school supplies

#2233  girls rolling down a grassy hill


#2234  rain free football night

#2235  brothers time together

#2236  card from dear friend in mail

#2237  Watching A&T marching band live

#2238  Isaiah 41:9-10  when I needed the Holy Spirit on Sept. 11

#2239  Hard Eucharisteo – the truth

#2240  Hosting an IF:Table




#2241  unity in Body of Christ meeting together with strangers but vulnerable and shared dreams and stories

#2242  starting Restless study with my dearest friends


#2243  cupcakes

#2244  daughter brave telling her teacher she believes that God created man and woman

#2245  another teacher encouraging daughter to be stand strong in her faith in that class

#2246  moms/daughters night out for nails and yogurt

#2247  time with my 20s friends once a week

#2248  helping start an IF:Alamance Facebook and Twitter

#2249  daughter learning to play the flute

#2250  lunch with a sister in Christ for the first time sharing each other’s dreams

#2251  hosting dinner for daughter’s school friends’ families along with a lesson in protecting your children on the internet

#2252  stopping on the side of the road to take a picture of a huge bed of flowers


#2253  starting my new blog

#2254  going to Carousel Festival with neighbor friend


#2255  seeing homemade hummingbird feeders out of old bottles.

#2256  just the right words can come at just the right time

#2257  things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

#2258  classic hymns

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