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Do you need to be revived, too?

Things are supposed to slow down after school’s out, right? It doesn’t seem that way so far and it’s only been 2 days.

But I’ve still be counting joys and I’m still wanting to get them recorded because it’s important to me to keep focus on the good things in every-day life.

It’s the discipline.

Or is it the routine I need? A new routine needs to start now that it’s summertime. During that routine, I need the discipline of reading and learning about His grace. I need the discipline to journal. I think I wouldn’t be a happy person to live or be with if I didn’t. It’s renews me.

I love the words to this worship song:

You revive me, You revive me Lord And all my deserts are rivers of joy You are the treasure I could not afford So I’ll spend myself till I’m empty and poor All for You, You revive me Lord Lord I have seen Your goodness and I know the way You are Give me eyes to see You in the dark And Your face shines a glory that I only know in part And there is still a longing, a longing in my heart

I’m alive I’m alive You breathe on me You revive me

(Words & Music : Audrey Assad, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher and I love sung by our worship leaders at church but I don’t have a recording of that but I also enjoy it sung by Christy Nockels – click on to hear it too)

What renews or revives you? (I’d love to hear what refreshes and revives you…feel free to comment below!)

It renews me each time to thank God for the gifts He gives each day and for these this past week:


#1437 The love these kids in Splash have for each other…it’s been 5 good years so far!


#1438 fun at field day



#1439 real happiness shown running and jumping

#1440 daughter made Honor Roll


#1441 being silly

#1442 celebrating last day of 4th grade


#1443 being silly with daughter


#1444 son making Honor Roll


#1445 son’s friends in 7th grade homeroom

#1446 the team of teachers son had this year….excellent!!!

#1447 celebrating last day of 7th grade


#1448 finally meeting son’s friend who liked my baking. throughout the year son would share his lunch with him and this friend kept saying I was the best baker! happy to make him his own batch of peppermint brownies the last day of school to take home.


#1449 husband’s brother and his family spending a few days with us

#1450 happiness playing at the park and riding rides

#1451 joy seeing children ride a merry go round

#1452 love our 3yr old niece has for her cousin


#1453 a fun, new puppy…or cousin… for our dog to play with

#1454 sister-in-law who knows how to bargain

#1455 sister-in-law who can make beautiful things out of what others see as junk

#1456 the love sister-in-law has for her family


#1457 the joy of a 13 month old niece


#1458 praying with a body of believers for and who are dear to the heart

joining in with Ann Voskamp

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