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Does It Feel Like Your Rope Is About To Snap?

They were wandering homeless in the desert, hungry and thirsty and faint. “Lord, help!” they cried, and he did! He led them straight to safety and a place to live. Oh, that these men would praise the Lord for his loving-kindness, and for all of his wonderful deeds! For he satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry soul with good.                              (Psalm 107:4-9 TLB)

Reading that I see how merciful God is when the author of that psalm wrote how people who have drifted around in the desert, lost, homeless, their bellies growling with hunger and thirsty, that their SOULS grew weak and weary.

Then they finally break down. Starving for something to nourish them because they could go no farther. Probably as a last resort, (like we stubbornly or selfishly do) called out to God for help.  Are you like I am sometimes where I try everything to “fix” my problem and then realize after nothing seems to help I think, “Why have I tried to do this all on my own?  Why didn’t I give this to God first and pray about it and go to the Bible to see what He has to say?”

I relate to those broken people and will eventually  cry out,  “Lord help!”  And He did; He has; He always will. God will lead us out, rescued us, and deliver us  from those hot and dry, desert days.

I noticed that the word “immediately” isn’t in any of the translations I read though. It says, God led and  delivered the people to safety but I don’t see the descriptive words “instantly, rapidly or PDQ” before those verbs.  It also doesn’t say how long you’ll be gripping to the rope to keep you from falling – or how long a hot, refining process will last. But we must trust that He’ll get there at just the right time to save us from despair.

When I think of being rescued or delivered that usually makes me think of stories or movies where a rescue is a time of desperation, the person who needs to be saved can no longer save him or herself.  Right before the limb snaps and breaks or right when a huge explosion goes off, someone else comes to save the person in danger.

Well that’s Jesus – our hero, our Savior who will come a swoop us up in His arms when we’re hanging by a thread or when we don’t think we can handle the blazing heat any longer.  He’ll be there.

My Savior, thank you for your loving-kindness and wonderful deeds. Thank you for being our Rescuer and Deliverer.  Thank you for caring so much for us each second in every situation.  I’m ready for my weary soul to be delivered as I hold on to the promise that the ultimate rescue – resurrection – is right around the corner. Amen.

Do you usually try to “fix” things on your own or give it to Jesus before you go into “fix-it myself mode”? How do you know God is filling your soul back up after being depleted?

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