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Easy And Hard Eucharisteos The Past 4 Months

The wind whips as the few, weary summer flowers still try to hang on as Hurricane Matthew drenches the first weekend of October.  October already?

It’s well past my summer entry of joy counts here on my blog.   The list continued on scrap pieces of paper and the phone but every quarter I try to get them in the blog where my count started four years ago.  Four years ago?!

Not only is there a large gap in joy count posts, but really any post.  It’s been a different season for me.  One of waiting, loss, questions and grieving.  It’s been a season of writing even though it doesn’t show up here.

It’s been a season of smallness.  And that’s not a bad thing.  In the busy-ness of life there comes times when we need to step back, step down, or even step off.  Sometimes we need to slow down the pace.  Sometimes we’re forced to slow down the rhythm of life.  Or the speed of life.  And since that’s where I’ve been, I haven’t been over here as much.  And it’s not because I don’t want to, it just seems to be woven in with the smallness and simple-ness of where I am.

But one of the simplest things to do is to be thankful and grateful and to thank God for those small gifts in life that really aren’t that small.  Because anything we credit to God gives Him glory, and to me that’s pretty big – whether it’s a miracle or simply giggling with a child.  Even the simple occurrences and notices in our daily lives, that we can thank HIM for, is an act of worship.

So, here’s what I’ve thanked You for Father the past few months…

G inducted into National Honor Society


#2930  Hard eucharisteo (well many of these in this post are hard eucharisteos) – Dad having surgery but glad it’s a plan

#2931  Answered prayers to have a care plan for dad

#2932  The just at right time DP praying for me and dad

#2933  L’s Spanish test results – exceeding expectations and completed Spanish immersion program

#2934  G takes me to Moe’s for lunch on half school day of exams

#2935  Dad’s comments that made us laugh

#2936  Giddy Up Eunice that SD gave me to take to the beach


#2937  Dr. Kavde surgeron who was personable

#2938  Dad’s nurses and CNAs

#2939  Chimes sound Laurie recorded and sent me from the lake while driving into the hospital parking lot

#2940  Our first small group teen graduation party – bittersweet

#2941  Neighbor keeping Levi

#2942  Time at the beach with extended family for the 4th time


#2943 sunrise time




#2944  Hard eucharisteo – windy and painful sunrise being pelted by sand on beach


#2945journaling on the lifeguard stand


#2946  grains of sand my journal captured


#2947  Thankful wind subsides enough to take some pictures of sunrise

#2948  wearing jacket on beach in June


#2949  moonrises on beach

#2950  L playing her ukelele on the beach


#2951  Swim coach proclaims Jesus Christ at swim practice

#2952  friends made on summer swimteam


#2953  Dad 72nd Birthday and L’s 13th


#2954  13th Movie party for L


#2955  Giddy Up Eunice – WONDERFUL book!

#2956View from the kitchen table of the flowers in the yard


#2957  Unexpected email from friend JM

#2958  Dressing as a cow and going to breakfast with son at CFA

#2959  Summer thunderstorms


#2960  submitting lighting picture to Local news weatherman

#2961  seeing my photo on the news!

#2962  Evening at the pool with friends

#2963  J and L’s wedding – and dancing at it!


#2964  Learning a new line dance

#2965  Seeing a revival in Burlington

#2966  Celebrating July 3 with friends


#2967  Listening to friend who is struggling

#2968  Making breakfast for the neighbors after the wedding day

#2969  Holding friend’s new baby

#2970  Hibiscus in full bloom

#2971  Hard eucharisteo – writing dad an 8 page letter

#2972  The letter dad wrote me Oct. 1993

#2973  Showing son how to cook a new recipe

#2974  Niece catching lightning bugs

#2975  This couple.  Scott’s grandparents.  Love!


#2976  First college tour for son

#2977  Pretty campus in Virginia


#2978  Getting lunch at a local restaurant with son and hubby

#2979  Daughter getting spoiled at G and Mamaw’s

#2980  Husband’s cousin from AZ came to visit us


#2981  Text from dad thanking me for the letter I wrote him

#2982  Edmund being dad’s mentor

#2983  Silence with dad…just being together.

#2984  Afternoon shopping with sister

#2985  Going to Ashworth’s Drug Store and it looked just like it did when I was a child


#2986  Orange-Aids at Ashworths

#2987  Going on date with Dad and sister to Five Guys – one of his favorites!


#2988  Hearing stories from dad’s younger years

#2989  Giving dad a joy dare count

#2990  A hug with dad

#2991  Watching lightning through clouds


#2992  Unexpected walk with Edmund

#2993  One day of unexpected gifts:  friend, CT publishing church blog post, day with college roomie, Gran spoiling daughter and niece, letter from mom on bed and reading it about dad and her (and music as worship and joy when she know others are worshipping when listening is all worth it.

#2994  The conversation in bed with mom

#2995  Afternoon with college roomie like old times

#2996  Duck donuts

#2997  Friend calling just to check on me

#2998  Reading friends first edit of her first book


#2999  19th anniversary with my husband

#3000  Son making the soccer team for Jr. year of high school

#3001  Watching L, C and mom making fairy gardens



#3002  Cinnamon bread from Great Harvest Bread Company

#3003  Adventure of going back again once we got home

#3004  Bringing joy to mom by letting her take her oldest granddaughters out shopping and spoiling them

#3005  Morning rain

#3006  Test from JMOT about the hymn day –  “Dying in the West” by Mary Lathbury.  JM encourages me so.

#3007  Seeing high school friend at hospital even though her mom’s in surgery and my dad is recovering from surgery and about to be admitted to Hospice

#3008  Massaging dad’s arms and shoulder in hospital bed to help alleviate pain

#3009  Clinch cross JMOT gave mom and dad

#3010  Hospice space available for dad

#3011  Comments from dad that still made us laugh

#3012  Dad’s funny comments at the hospital

#3013  Eddison, the Chaplin from Haiti, at the Hospice who talked and prayed with my sister and me.

#3014  Dad puckering up to give mom one last kiss after he had not been “awake” all day.

#3015  Dad smiled at me when didn’t expect another one

#3016  Dr. Mark Yoffee

#3017  Little and big ways God revealed Himself for us those hard days

#3018  Daddy holding the wooden cross most of time in hospice and when he passed


#3019  BM and LM came

#3020  All Dad’s people came to see him before he passed.

#3021  Small group girls driving here for half an hour to give me hugs and donuts

#3022  Beautiful, peaceful landscaping around Hospice



#3023  Friends who brought lunch for me, sister and mom to take a break from watching dad

#3024  Hard eucharisteo:  Dad passed away and is now healed and no longer in pain and seeing Jesus face to face in Heaven

#3025  Being with mom and sister the few days before dad’s passing.

#3026  Being together with aunt and uncle when dad passes

#3027  Edmund coming at the perfect time after dad passed and prayed for and with mom, my sister and I with dad before he was taken away to the funeral home

#3028  My parent’s neighbors

#3029  Hearing mom speak of faith

#3030  The stories Billy and Woody told at Dad’s service

#3031  Hearing the blue grass band and banjo playing and singing “I’ll Fly Away” at Dad’s service.  He loved blue-grass music.

#3032  2 Cor. 3:16-18 – reading to Daddy the last day of his life on this side of heaven.

#3033  Reading Romans 8 to Daddy

#3034  Reading 2 Cor. 5 to Daddy and then Edmund reads it to my sister, mom and me shortly after Dad passed too

#3035  A guest writer asked out- of- the- blue if she can write for the SMCW blog when it was my turn when Dad passed

#3036  The angel-CNA who took care of Dad at Hospice and un-expectantly seeing her at Aldi’s the day after he passed.  She shared some of her story, her faith and condolences.

#3037  The Holy Spirit signs He gave mom the last week of Dad’s life.

#3038  Edmund told us that Dad told him the last time they talked that he “was moving onto the bridge”. (transition from earth to heaven)  I loved how Dad liked to speak in analogies.

#3039  Friends from out of town who came to dad’s service and reception

#3040  Tears cried with mom and sister.  Heart to heart talks

#3041  The things mom said that dad thought about me

#3042  All the people who brought food and necessities after Dad died


#3043  Fruit salad

#3044  Spending time with the Morgans – including the cousins.

#3045  Butterflies all over bush when we get back from Raleigh


#3046  The two hours of time alone the first evening we got home from Dad’s house, kneeling at the alter-bench my dad made me.  Which also was spent beginning to write his story.

#3047  The song “Great Are You Lord”

#3048  Healthy Dr. report

#3049  My nurse-friend who did a great job getting my blood – and being in Bible study with her a few years ago

#3050  Beautiful weather for a football game and soccer game one weekend

#3051  Friends who keep checking on me

#3052  Seeing our wonderful kids all grown up going to 8th and 11th grades


#3053 L making auditions for James and the Giant Peach

#3054  L persevered

#3055  All the meals friends brought us

#3056  Vitamin D3 – I found out blood results which showed they were low.  Then 30 minutes later SD gave me a jar of them not having heard my report.

#3057  The book JM sent me by Amy Carmichael “I Come Quietly to Meet You”

#3058  Stamps that old friend sent for all the thank-you notes to write

#3059  Letter that LP wrote me to guide me through grief

#3060  Sitting in Dad’s chair hearing football game on TV.  Many memories

#3061  Getting ice cream at son’s work for Levi on a hot summer day


#3062  Husband helping mom with legalities

#3062  Writing 10 page about last days and memories of Dad

#3063  Sending my story to 1 friend who wrote back such kind words – the one who always cheers me on to write.

#3064  Hard Eucharistio – Call on Sept 19 from LM and talked for 45 min and she told me truth about who I am through Christ and that satan is trying hard to attack me.  Then I got a text from LP and I was on her heart so she texted me.  Then while I was all emotional while praying, I got a text from SR saying I love you because she thought the Holy spirit told her to reach out to me at that moment.  Those texts were right when I was crying on the porch when it was pouring rain outside.  The first day it’s rained since Dad has died.  Then I got a long text from JD and cards from DR and aunt.

#3065  Heart-felt comments from other women in the Woven: The Art of Discipleship study

#3066  Pink October flowers along the bridge

#3067  L’s performing on the stage for James and the Giant Peach




#3068  How beautiful she is all dressed up

#3069  Seeing her dance on the stage for fun

#3070  Her friend telling her how cool her mom is when he saw me dancing!

#3071  Going to TJ Maxx opening with friend LM – our 3rd opening store we’ve gone to together


#3072  College kids praying together at FCA meeting


#3073  Heart feeling full after FCA meetings

#3074  Lunch at Elon with student – EBJ


#3075  making cookies for college girls

#3076  “O Zion Haste” old hymn that reminded me of writing and sending to SMCW blog team

#3077  Visiting Carol Woods Retirement community where I used to work 18 years ago

#3078  Seeing and visiting two nurses I used to work with there

#3079  Seeing full moon rising at high school football game


#3080  First sign of leaves changing color


#3081  Celebrating son’s 17th birthday

#3082  L’s picture in the newspaper


#3083  G’s name in the newspaper for scoring 2 goals in a game

#3084  Square dancing with friends and my son as my partner


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