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Filling tummies and hearts


It’s come to the point we’re to show our thankfulness by filling our tummies until they almost pop with turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, rolls and pies to name a few.

This year, I don’t want Thanksgiving to be looked at as being just that. Think about what we truly should be thankful for.

I had no idea last Thanksgiving that this Thanksgiving I would have kept a count of thankfulnesses. Wow…over 1000! Starting this journey is definitely something I’m thankful for. I’m so thankful for my husband, children, family and friends. I’m so thankful for our good health and our home, my husband’s job and me being able to stay home.

But here are some things we can easily forget to give thankful for and when we become thankful for these things, then all the little things become obvious gifts.

So, let us give thanks the most to the One who gave us everything to be thank-full for:

“We are loved unconditionally. We have been chosen. We have been granted mercy. We receive good gifts. We are given encouragement. We find hidden stores of patience (yes it is possible even when we don’t think we can!). We enjoy the kindness of our sisters and brothers in the faith. We have peace that passes understanding. We are never alone. We know abundance. We witness God’s miraculous working in our lives. We have been awed by God’s majesty. God’s Word is trustworthy. God provides for our every need. God’s Spirit abides in us. God is always faithful. God keeps His promises. Prayers have been answered. Faith has been strengthened.” (from Hope:The Anchor for Your Soul by Women of Faith)

So, as we prepare and begin to set the tables, lets set our minds on the abundance of God’s goodness in our lives and start thanking.


Counting thanks:

#1059 God wills for me to live by His Word,

#1060 relishing in God’s promises

#1061 “Be joyful always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances.” 1 Thess. 5:16-18

#1062 special evening with my girlfriends over fondue and conversations

#1062 weekend with my sister and her family

#1063 sunrise over soccer field

#1064 excitement in face and sound of my boys watching go-carts race

#1065 watching son and his team play soccer

#1066 God’s joy is also our joy

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