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For Christ’s Sake

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and a community who are writing for five minutes about the word SEE.


So you sit at the feet of the wise and learn what they have to teach, and our debts to them are so great that, if your experience is like mine, even twenty-five years later you will draw on the depth and breadth of their insights, and their voices will speak in you still, and again and again you will find yourself speaking in their voices.

You learn as much as you can from the wise until finally, if you do it right and things break your way, you are wise enough to be yourself, and brave enough to speak with your own voice, and foolish enough, for Christ’s sake, to live and serve out of the uniqueness of your own vision of Him and out of your own passion.”

I stumbled upon this quote from Frederick Buechner a couple of days ago that I had highlighted a few years ago in a devotion book. Those words are are so me.

For the past 21 years of my life I’ve been soaking, resting, consuming the amazing teachings of others who I look up to and think are wiser than me. Have scribbled sentences or comments that jumped out at me and highlighted quotes that grabbed my attention causing me to hope I could live by them.

But Buechner’s dare reminded me of the passion other women have right now to make Jesus known. I see how they want to proclaim His power and grace. “IF God is real, then what?” What will you do? As their voices speak to me I’m ready to jump on the band wagon.

So, I’m joining in at the IF:Gathering and ready to see what will be unleashed in me and all the others who are restless and are ready to do something…anything…for Christ’s sake.

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