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I have just 5 minutes to write today because it’s a crazy busy one. And lately, I’ve had more and more of those days, which means less and less time for more important things than driving to soccer game after soccer game, school volunteer things, and errands to run. It’s less time to have quality time with a friend. I feel blessed to stay at home, which allows me to seemingly have more time to spend with special people in my life and to make new friends. How does time get away?

I’m so glad today is in{RL} (RL means real life) where a bunch of gals get together and share stories about life, God, joy, laughter and even tears, I’m sure. And the talks are about FRIENDSHIP…a reminder I need and we all could never get too much of.

If you have a moment today friend, come over here and join in with {in}courage in a webcast that will be worth every minute. It’s not too late to register! But it’s today!

Blessings to you this weekend, friends!

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