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Full hands


As I’m reminded of beauty as the sun rises on this new day, I think about this past weekend and how it’s been a time of being with family, staying cozy at home as it’s snowed, and being a nurse for our son who’s been sick for a week now. Even though my hands have been full with taking care of needs and thankfully, full of grace handed to me, I still want to remember the things God has given this past week.

#1216 making tomato soup and grilled cheese for sick son

#1217 new sofa for our sunroom. I’ll miss the other we’ve had for 16 years because there’s been many sweet, hard, fun, and holy conversations on it but I look forward to more on this new one. {Thanks mom and dad!}

#1218 selling girl scout cookies with daughter at my alma mater

#1219 visit with my twin lake friend

#1220 being intentional

#1221 The heard that just showed up as I peeled potatoes for our family Valentine dinner. God’s reminders are everywhere.


#1222 making Valentine treats



#1223 son performing in All County Band


#1224 yogurt time after the concert

#1225 waking up on a Saturday morning, lying in bed while watching it snow


#1226 catching snowflakes with your tongue (with our nieces and nephew)



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