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GET UP, Go, Deliver And Shine | Part 2


Hmmm…I’m asking myself lately – Is it harder to sit down or get up?

What about you?  Of course that answer is different for everyone and reason.

You can be on the constant go and the only time you sit down is maybe an hour or so before you go to bed and then early the next morning your feet hit the floor running and do it all over again.  The do-run-run-run, the do- run-run.

Or you can sometimes be a couch potato and rather sleep in a little later instead of going for an early morning walk/run and choose to watch reality show after reality show at night instead of getting on the floor and playing with the kids.

I’m one to talk for both of those.  Personally I find it harder to just sit and watch TV.  I know.  I’m weird.  When I do though, I’m often doing something else while “watching” it.  (I do like to go to the movie theater though…how is that different?) But there’s part of me that finds it very easy to be lazy when it comes to Kingdom work.  It’s feels nicer to be comfortable on the sofa of life instead of stretching, being uncomfortable or in pain and running on the journey to the Finish Line.

I’ve been learning, though, that being in that comfort zone can lead to all kinds of regrets and sin.  Sin of putting idols – things that give me pleasure and I put in front of God.  That is when I need to intentionally be on the floor, off my comfy cushion or stop do-run-running.

I need to pray this prayer Jeremiah prayed, along with my friend who recently did too.

We admit, O God, how badly we’ve lived, and our ancestors, how bad they were. We’ve sinned, they’ve sinned, we’ve all sinned against you! Your reputation is at stake! Don’t quit on us! Don’t walk out and abandon your glorious Temple! Remember your covenant. Don’t break faith with us!

Jeremiah 14:20-21 (MSG)

God of the world, we’ve all sinned against You and often do whatever we want to do.

I know oh to well what it’s like to live comfortably instead of live dangerously.  To live safely instead of bravely.

Lately though I’ve been asking God to give me the strength to be strong in faith.  To take steps into the unknown and pay attention to who’s in front of me and around me with each step.

It’s coming to the end of Lent and closer to the sacrifice Jesus became for me and my sins.  That means it’s also closer to the joy of resurrection.  Until then though, it’s still a time to evaluate myself.  I need to confess and repent from the things I do that I know I shouldn’t.  Maybe I’m not the only one.

Will you pray with me?

Lamb of God, it’s almost time.  It’s almost Time.  You love us so deep and immeasurable.  You suffered greatly to give life.  To feel that love though, You want me to repent – repent from idols – when I choose to be comfortable and self-absorbed. I want to be brave and courageous. It’s time to be.

It’s time to get up, stop being idle because it can become an idol.

I confess I’ve chosen safety over courageousness and comfort over risking for You.

As we live dangerous lives, we must get up and do something.  Do something for You.  Even if it doesn’t make sense or seems impossible. Do something for someone else.  Even if it makes me feel nervous or uncomfortable.  I confess I’ve often chosen do nothing.  I’m ready to turn the other way.   I need to be brave.

God, you know this world is dark these days and to me, scary.  But Your light will never diminish and Your Kingdom will come.  There, there will be harmony and oneness, comfort and safety, food at the table and warmth from Your Light.  Until then though, I want to never give up on Your promises.  I want to be brave to speak your Word.  Courageous to reach for someone’s hand.  Strong enough to pull her up.

Let us get up, stand strong, step out and shine blazingly.


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