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Gifts That Feel Like The Weight Of Glory

Daily gifts.  The simple ones I don’t want to take for granted.  There’s flowers in bloom bringing new life, conversations with old and new friends.  There’s big gifts too.  Like your father getting out of the hospital after having been in for two weeks with good nursing and doctor care.  There’s big, unexpected ones, like registering to attend a conference that I hadn’t given a second thought when I heard about it, because someone gifting me with the registration fee.

And there’s sacred gifts too.  One’s that take your breath away and make you eyes open wide when you see them, or read them, or hear them. They’re gifts the cause you to feel the weight of glory and see the Artist and Author’s hand at work.  The bright Light shines and draws your eye and soul to see His promises unveiled.

There were two of those the past month.  One was on Good Friday, the day we remember the suffering, pain and grief of Jesus on the cross.  We were driving four hours to my husband’s family for Easter weekend.  We were in the foothills being a little closer to the gray, mixed with white clouds and patches of blue sky.  At the foot of the mountain, I looked out the window to my right and there it was.  A rainbow.  A promise on Good Friday. A reminder that He has overcome sin for us and He won’t break that covenant of salvation.  I saw that rainbow also on this day, April 4, the day of the blood moon.  Another promise through His Word that He knows all and is in control of all things – the heavens and the earth.


Then earlier this week I saw something I had never seen before.  On a Sunday evening, my daughter and I were in the playroom when we heard my husband call us to come to our room and look out the window.  Having just risen above the trees in our back yard was a full moon.  It was brighter than usual because we saw the Light.  Surrounding the moon was it’s light stretching out to form a cross in the universe.  It was one of those moments when you take a quick gasp and it’s hard to believe what you see.

I go outside to be a little closer to this holiness and to make sure I wasn’t “seeing things” through the glass window. It was still there. With knees on the ground I didn’t really know what to say but God reminded me of the cross, of His power and that He’s the Creator of the universe, stars, moons, the earth and each one of us.  His beauty and love are vast and reaches out to us.  The Light stretches wide and radiant.

As I’m typing this post, this song, Shine Your Light comes on by the Robbie Seay Band.  God you are good.

Shine Your light, shine it down Let Your rescue come for us, we long to love Shine Your light, shine it down Let Your rescue come for us now

God, we so desperately need your Light in this world that has become so dark.  With the rise of ISIS and terrorism, deadly earthquakes, riots, and trafficking just to name a few, we need You to rescue us and shine your light bright to keep us focused on You and remember your promises.  Thank you for the holy reminders by the visions and words You give us.  A priceless gift.   Thank You for the simple, big and holy promises You freely give away.

Spring 2015 Joys and Gratitudes

#2463  It’s spring and the house is decorated with nests, eggs and the promise of new life.


#2464  Warm last days of winter

#2465  Planting seeds for a garden with family


#2466  Evening walks with the family now that the sun stays out longer

#2467  An afternoon with two college girls

#2468  Sharing a dream with and IV college studen

#2469  Morning of prayer with two sisters in Christ

#2470  red buds forming on the trees

#2471  Doodling with daughter

#2472  Sun lower to the ground telling me good night

#2473  Seeing the way God has woven people’s lives together

#2474  How God is working in my friends’ lives

#2475  I got a splinter that hss been in my finger for 10 months out!


#2476  Going to the town’s children’s performance of “The Little Mermaid” with daughter

#2477  Offered free tickets to the play!

#2478  Opening the blinds to see a bluebird in the morning


#2479  Praying in the indoor pool


#2480  Starting to swim laps again

#2481  A free place to swim

#2482  Daughter reading “A Wrinkle in Time”

#2483  Women with the gift of intercessory prayer

#2484  Women you are passionate to serve in Christ’s Name

#2485  Spring flowers in bloom and taking pictures of them






#2486  50 mm camera lens

#2487  Micah 7:7 promise


#2489  Bradford pears in bloom

#2490  Seeing a rainbow on Good Friday in the mountains on the day of the blood moon


#2491  Gift won – scarf my mother-in-law made me

#2492  Singing praise on Easter morning in small town church



#2493  Great-grandparents with Great-grandchildren




#2494  The sound of a flag whipping in the wind

#2495  Packing meals for ISIS victims with small group



#2496  Registered to attend IF:Local Leaders Conference

#2497  The surprise from the church that they want to support me to go financially

#2498  My friend who fights for me, supports me, encourages and cheers me on when it comes to serving and chasing God’s calling

#2499  Seeing the light shining from the moon in the shape of a cross


#2500  quick weekend at the beach with the family



#2501  girls having fun in the weight room

#2502  A visit with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in years.


#2503  Dad out of the hospital

#2504  Dad’s nurses and doctors

#2505  The Disease and Infectious control team

#2506  InterVarsity leaders over for dinner and our conversations

#2507  Playing badminton with daughter and neighbors

#2508  A few times with my sister and her family in a couple of months even though living 2 hours apart


#2509  Pollen is almost over (which means getting out the cushions for the porch)

#2510  Learning some about prophecy

#2511  Burrito bowl on Cinco de Mayo for college students at home


#2512  hearing the amazing opportunities a friend is given with a new job and the joy it brings her

#2513  Son’s soccer team tournament finalist


#2514  a hug from my son

#2515  raindrops on leaves


#2516  watching daughter on stage


#2517  opportunity to pack meals for ISIS victims 2 times in a month with Feed the Hunger



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