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Give Me Pictionary, Uno or Candy Land | Wait and See Day 8


I’ll be honest: I don’t like to play the game called “Wait”.

Give me Pictionary, Uno or even Candy Land. I’d jump at the chance. And even though you have to wait for your turn to roll the dice or pick a card, the wait isn’t long. But the game Wait takes too long, makes me feel restless and I become distracted by other things that takes my mind away from figuring out the best way to cross the finish line.

Here’s the instructions for the game.

Wait until your turn.

Wait eagerly.

Wait patiently.

Wait a little longer.

Be still while you wait.

I think the instruction manual is pretty vague, so I start firing out questions: How long does this game have to last? How long do I have to be still? When can I go? Who’s next? What’s the next step?  What’s the purpose for this?

When playing the game Wait in life, it becomes frustrating because I can’t see progression.

It’s that unseen, unknown feeling of “What’s next?” that raddles the soul.

How do you know it’s really your turn to go when the instructions of how long to wait are so vague?

What if the purpose of the game is to teach you how to be still and while you do, learn to listen so you’ll know when to step into what’s unseen- a step of faith.

Maybe the Faith Hall of Fame chapter in Hebrews has a nugget of wisdom about this.

By an act of faith, Abraham said yes to God’s call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home. When he left he had no idea where he was going. By an act of faith he lived in the country promised him…Abraham did it by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations.” (MSG)

To go to an unknown place in his life, Abraham had no idea where he was going. Yet he kept his eyes on an unseen God and future, knowing with faith that an eternal foundation had been laid for him and waited until he was instructed to take the next step.

In the future, whether next year, next month, or the next hour, we don’t know exactly where it leads. But I have the choice to see the beauty in the unseen, or choose to tightly shut my eyes and grumpily wait.

I choose to wait in the unseen with faith. What’s your choice?

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