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God-fidence……Little Revelations……Day 28


It’s been a gift and I’m so refreshed, refilled and renewed vision.

I learned a little about platforms and the nuts of bolts of making a blog, but I learned even more about the impact other women are making in the world to reach out to those who are in need in their little worlds and our big world. It was a gift to hear other women’s stories.

It was a gift to hear so many amazing speakers this weekend. We were (in)couraged to be real, to be obedient, to be disciples and fishers.

Last night, the conference was ended by listening to joy-full Ann Voskamp, from whom I took this crazy dare and started blogging 10 months ago, speak in person. She dared us to be Jonathans and to be broken and to not have confidence but God-fidence.

God-fidence to tell our stories.

Tell your story. Write it down.

Ann told the story of how Jesus was mostly known for telling stories. But in Scripture there is one time where he wrote. It was when the Pharisees threw a woman who had just committed adultery in front of Jesus asking him if and how they should punish her.

Jesus stooped down and wrote. He wrote with his finger…in the dirt.. in the dust.

We are that dust. God created us from the dust (Genesis 2:7).

13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; 14 for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. (Psalm 103:13-14)

God wrote His Story on dust. That dust wrote the greatest Story published in history…and continues to in each of our lives.

Jesus can write on me with his finger…dust… and on you, too, as he is stooped down to our level.

So, I’m taking that with God-fidence and thanking Him for the gift of opportunity, thanking Him for the community I was with this past weekend, thanking Him for (in)couraging believers in Christ, thanking Him because all is grace and love from Christ.

I am dust and HE is God.








Thank-full for:

#1026 refreshed, refilled and renewed from Allume

#1027 new community friends

#1028 delicious dark chocolate cupcakes

#1029 learning about focus

#1030 learning about purpose

#1031 hearing so many stories from women at Allume

#1032 the “Give up the fork” story by Darren Rowes

#1033 hearing Ann Voskamp share her words

#1034 getting a hug and conversation with her

#1035 hotel king size bed

#1036 the bumpy airplane ride is OVER!

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