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Have You Ever Noticed? Day 18 God Only Knows

For some reason the other day I stumbled across a link of 66 Hidden Secrets in Disney Movies.  It was pretty amazing to see how many different characters showed up in other Disney movies but usually go unnoticed.   For example, if you saw The Little Mermaid, did you notice that Goofy is in it along with Kermit the frog?

disney23 (1)


They’re there but they’re overlooked or unseen.  But they’re there.

It makes me think how that’s so true in real life as well.  There’s so much going on around us that we don’t see.  We get distracted. We’re either too busy to notice, too lazy to look, too stubborn to try, and is very easy to ignore.

Focus is often put on the big picture, not the details of life.  You go to our favorite restaurant and eat a delicious meal but don’t know all the ingredients that make it taste so good.  You enjoy gazing at a flower garden but don’t know the specific fertilizer and care that’s put into making it beautiful.  If you’re like me, you have no idea how much training it takes for our local police officers to protect us.

We may not know all the details, but the one whose hands are doing the work does.

There’s One who does know all the details of everything and what’s inside our souls.  He knows your quirks, your mess-ups, and your fears you’d never admit.  He knows your hidden dreams, your love language, and what brings you joy.

God knows the details.

Since He intentionally knows them, then we should make the effort to notice the details because we’re to imitate Him.


Pay attention to the details of raindrops on a leaf, to the long hours your child’s teacher spends to educate your child, and how the barista at Starbucks makes you smile.  Then thank God for them.  Thank Him for giving you the eyes to notice the details that brings you and others joy.  Thank Him for even the gifts you take for granted.

Our unseen God wants us to notice the details because He does – and He wants us to be like Jesus.

(A way to be intentional about being aware of the gifts and joys in your daily life, I dare you to keep a joy journal.  Read more about it here!)


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