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Hold on! Just 3 Days Left! :: Day 29 Hold Tight Series

Hold on! Just three days left!

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of writing and living and remembering promises.

If you’ve been on this coaster with me in October, or are just now stumbled across my little space, I’ve been writing about promises I need. I wrote:

What could I use – or even more need – for encouragement these days? Can anything uplifting be guaranteed in today’s darkened world where every day lies the thickening tension of uncertainty and “what’s to come” of our own little world that’s part of the big world we live in on this planet? Or closer to home, how about needing a glimpse of hope on days where you’re so dizzy with stress or you feel discouraged or plain ‘ole blah. .

I then went on a search for the first promise ever given in history. And found it here.

So, if that’s the first, then what’s the last promise God gave us in the Bible?


It’s at the very end of the book of Revelation 22:20 in the last chapter in the last verses.

“The One who testifies to these realities makes this promise:

Jesus: Yes. I am coming soon.

To which we say, “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”

Jesus promises before he ascended into heaven: I am coming back soon.”

He is coming back soon!

That makes my heart skip a beat! The reason for that skip could be because the way our world looks these days makes me nervous but even more it skips because of excitement and anticipation to see the Promise face to face!

And I know Revelation 22:20 was written quite a while ago but His Word is true and has never been erased! We will never know that exact day but I do know today is one day sooner than yesterday. Our timing is quite different than God’s but as I’ve learned even more this month, God’s entire Word in the Bible is a promise. And one last time He reminds us of His never-ending and never-changing promise to bring hope in the days we do have on this earth.

Maybe you can call it cheating, but I’m just sharing what I’ve learned. I did a little research about God’s last promise and these words already written probably explains it better than I could. So here is what I read and what it was what I was trying to say.

The Bible, from beginning to end, is a book about Jesus. The Old Testament, God’s first promise, carries the prophetic theme of the coming Messiah. The New Testament begins with the record of how God kept his promise by sending Jesus as the Messiah and ends with the book of Revelation, a new prophetic promise that Jesus will come again.

Revelation shouts a loud “Amen” to everything the Bible says about Jesus.

It reinforces God’s promises from Genesis to Jude. It is a book of comfort and victory for the New Testament believer. It lifts our eyes from the cares of this life to peer through the windows of heaven.”

So, I’ve come to see promises with a whole new light. I’ve heard the word “promise” forever. But it’s not until I’ve been reading, praying and writing about more and more these days, I’ve come to realize how HUGE promises were made and meant to be.

He is coming back soon!

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