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Hold Tight: Life is like a Roller Coaster! Day 1

As I said on the 31 Days page, I’m doing this crazy thing called a 31 Days Series this month. Pick a topic. Post something related to it every 31 days in October. Some days I think I’m crazy doing it and other days I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t. There’s just something fun about joining in with a community of others who are crazy like me. Although I know everyone, including me, has work to do, chores to mark off the to-do list, dishes to wash, times to volunteer, kids to school, soccer and dance, those are just the basics for most people. Then there’s the many other things unique to each person that hollers out, demands or calls your time and energy. Life can be like a roller coaster where you just have to hold tight as you feel like you’re swirl around and around and going up and down and sometimes upside down. Sometimes it feels like this ride will ever end. You just cry out for it to stop but it keeps on going.

Well, I often feel that way with much on my calendar too, but I’m still drawn to this challenge. Last year I discovered at The Nester the 31 Day Challenge, so I gave it a try since I was new to blogging. I wrote 31 Days of Little Revelations. So, over the past few months I’ve been asking myself what would I write about for 31 days this year? What could I use – or even more need – for encouragement these days? Can anything uplifting be guaranteed in today’s darkened world where every day lies the thickening tension of uncertainty and “what’s to come” of our own little world that’s part of the big world we live in on this planet? Or closer to home, how about needing a glimpse of hope on days where you’re so dizzy with stress or you feel discouraged or plain ‘ole blah. . I believe there is. There’s promises of hope. Promises of restoration. Promises of revival. Promises of joy. Where are those promises? How about joining me this month in finding some promises that can encourage, teach, shape and form us to be more of who we were made to be. I’ll spent some time digging up some promises guaranteed and post them each day. I plan to do that through His Word, personal stories, pictures, quotes and songs. It’s all to thank God for the promises He’s freely given us with love.

“My aim is to raise hopes by pointing the way to life without end. This is the life God promised long ago—and he doesn’t break promises!” Titus 1:2

Will you hold on tightly and join me this month to discover or rediscover promises that have never been broken? I’d also love to learn from you what you hold tight to and why. Feel free to join in by making comments at the end of my posts this month! God doesn’t break promises. As I’ve been working on this series, God’s promises have become pretty powerful to me. I want you to experience this gift that I’ve been unwrapping, too (and still am)! So, hold tight with me! Hope you’ll visit back for Day 2! See all of my Hold Tight 31 Days posts.

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