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I’m Still Counting

Hello long, lost WordPress and friends, it’s been over a year since I’ve shared here on my blog the joys given to me from the Gift-Giver.  It’s been a different year for sure and I won’t go into detail about that now, but I’ve still been counting them because I have a little place on my phone where I’ve recorded them.  This list is a littleu lengthy (154 gratitudes to be exact) and I don’t expect you to read them, but this is a practice that’s important to me.  I do hope in the near future to be writing more though because that’s been a while too.

I left off at #3084 so here’s…

#3085  Taking my daughter and her friend to see Pete’s Dragon

#3086  New seats in the old movie theater

#3087  Seeing two retired nurses I used to work with at Carol Woods Retirement Community at my supervisors retirement reception

#3088  Seeing a basketball game in October!

#3089  Seeing the new lights on the steeple light up at dusk for the first time.  The Highland UMC where I grew up purchased new lights for the steeple with the money given to the church in Dad’s memory.  What a special time and service they had before son switched the lights.

#3090  Elon College 20th reunion with friends

#3091  The gift of the book “The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Mark Rodriguez” my friend gave me.

#3092  Another gift from a friend of a little block that says “Lead me. Guide me. Walk beside me.”

#3093  Seeing Dakota band performing after 20 years…fun memories of line dancing and enjoying listening to those friends perform

#3094  Is it a blessing to be called a “mother hen” when I was in college?  (that’s what one of the guys in the band, who’s just 1 year younger than me, told me afterward I heard them perform tonight).  I’ll take it as a compliment!  I didn’t know someone thought of me that way.

#3095  The surprise delivery of flowers from the local florist from the SMC Women bloggers and especially the not that went with it.

#3096  A day shopping with my mom in Mebane

#3097  Lunch at The Table with my 2 dearest friends

#3098  The gift from a friend “The Broken Way” by Ann Voskamp with some chocolate to go with it.

#3099  Haw River Mud Pie and Blue Ribbon with my family for my birthday

#3100  All the birthday wishes from friends in texts and on Facebook

#3101  Hard Eucharistic – being turned down after an interview for another job – again…the 6th time.

#3102  The lace handkerchief my friend’s mom gave me that sits beside the chair in the sunroom because it comes to good use.

#3103  Giving out candy on Halloween (first time I think ever!)

#3104  Daughter’s friends family who love on her often

#3105  It’s November 3 and flowers are still blooming

#3106  Seeing dew on a rose

#3107  The men who work for the city who come in their big, white trucks, and pick up our sticks we put on the side of the road.  They always wave and smile when Levi and I are walking first thing in the morning.

#3108  Family afternoon hike at Shallowford

#3109  Opportunity to talk about thanksgiving and gratitude at SMC Women event

#3110 brilliant leaves

#3111  Pretty color of leaves on our neighbors’ tree

#3112  The rustling sound of leaves blowing in the wind

#3113  The silky feeling of sand

#3114  Being up close to a pelican

#3315  Sticking the feet in the sand even if it was for just 10 minutes

#3116  Pam Bonney taking pictures of our family on a beautiful, fall afternoon

#3117  Seeing leaves more vibrant in sunglasses

#3118  Seeing a tree, at someone’s house who I don’t know, with beautiful yellow leaves.  The home owner was in his driveway and I stopping and asked him if I could take a picture of it.  He said yes!

#3119  The Danielson’s who offered their beach home to us as a gift after Dad’s passing

#3120  Reminiscing with childhood friend, Renee

#3121  Being at the beach for Thanksgiving break with our family – including my mom and sister’s family

#3122  Walking on the beach on Thanksgiving morning telling other walkers “Happy Thanksgiving”

#3123  Breath-taking sunsets

#3124  Eating a bountiful, Thanksgiving dinner at the beach house

#3125  Dancing after eating all that food with the family

#3126  Warm weather while we’re at the beach

#3127  Seeing kids enjoying kayaking in the sound

#3128  Riding bikes with my sister at the beach

#3129  Driving to the NC mountains for the day to cut down a tree and eating lunch at Daniel Boone Restaurant

#3130  Reading the Advent book “Come Lord Jesus” by Kris Cameley

#3131  Seeing snow on our Christmas wreathes in the windows

#3132  Unexpected quite time in the middle of Christmas break

#3133  Sitting looking at the Christmas Tree

#3134  The smell of the Christmas tree that has lasted so long.

#3135  The Jesus ornament a friend gave us

#3136  The book my husband made me of pictures of me and my dad

#3137  Hard Eucharistic – Susannah’s father passed away

#3138  Hard Eucharistic – first Christmas without my dad, but first Christmas dad with Jesus to celebrate his birthday

#3139  Hard Eucharistic – Joseph’s father passed away

#3140  Hard Eucharistic – not being able to attend both of their parents’ funerals

#3141  Eating cereal by the fire on the cold, 5* morning

#3142  10” of snow

#3143  Keeping the Christmas tree up until January 9th

#3144  “All Things New” Bible study

#3145  A text from a college student that encouraged me

#3146  Got to meet someone I’ve heard good things of and the good conversation we had

#3147  Talking with a friend whom I don’t get to talk with much at play auditions about my dad, her mom, God’s evidence in her life, and being able to talk with her about deeper things

#3148  Brightest rainbow ever seen!

#3149  When the warmth of sunshine on your face gives you goosebumps

#3150  Green lights on the way to the hospital following the ambulance my daughter is in because she dislocated her knee cap in the gym at school

#3151  All of daughter’s friends who checked on her

#3152  Daughters link group leader who brought her Wendy’s for dinner while in the ER for 4 hours

#3153  The staff at SMC 936 texting and calling to check on her

#3154  Talking with Erica on her 21st birthday

#3155  Overcoming fear to share feelings with someone who hurt me

#3156  The grieving book my friend gave me

#3157  What I read in the grieving book about being an artist

#3158  Watching IF:2017 with Sarah.  First time now hosting an IF:Alamance.  It was hard but good, too.

#3159  Breeze on a hot, swim meet

#3160  Celebrating daughters 14th birthday

#3161  Going to a new ice cream place in Greensboro

#3162  The opportunity to help organize someone’s files

#3163  SMC Women’s summer series and the joy of showing it to the 25 who came.

#3164  Listening to Jill Briscoe speak at IF about when we’re scared, we have to take a step forward before God gives us the courage to do…it’s called faith.

#3165  The holy silence after Jill spoke at our SMCW gathering

#3166  Tears when watching discipling conversations on IF:.2017.  I still must be moved when it comes to mentoring.

#3167  Time one evening with friend who is in the midst of chaos moving to a new home and taking the time to talk, listen and pray together.

#3168  Prostrate prayer before SMCW

#3169  The strength to prostrate prayer claiming the Name of Jesus against the evil one

#3170  Feeling the peace seeping back in

#3171  Long talk with sister late one night

#3172  The desire to write a devotional and have it published

#3173  And afternoon with one of my favorite people and mentor

#3174  A prayer from the book “The Valley of Vision” she prayed with and over me the day we were together and then in the mail a few weeks later it appeared in my mailbox.

#3175  A date with my husband at a new (to us) restaurant

#3176  Son’s excited anticipation of going to NYC mission trip

#3177  Praying with son about his trip

#3178  Seeing son off on a train to NYC with a group of 936 students and leaders

#3179  Daughter back home after having been gone almost a month his summer

#3180  Watching High Scott Musical movie with daughter

#3181  The 5 hours I had alone with Jesus and writing

#3182  College friend visited and spent the night

#3183  Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

#3184  Labeling Feed the Hunger bags with my daughter to help hurricane victims

#3185  Seeing pictures and hearing stories of son and their group in NYC

#3186  Son missing being on his trip to NYC

#3187  Reading a previous journal entry from 2011-2012 and how I was freed from depression and how God ministered to me and revived my joy

#3188  “Nothing to Prove” book by Jennie Allen and doing a Bible study about it with friend

#3189  Lunch at a new restaurant (Tangent) with a neighbor and mentor and friend – it had been 5 months!

#3190  Delicious eclectic tacos

#3191  She treated me to lunch

#3192  Pulling cucumbers off the vines in our garden

#3193  Talking to friend for an hour on the phone telling from my heart

#3194  The comedian video she sent me after our talk

#3195  Hearing how her son is speaking out and telling his testimony to others his age

#3196  Mom taking my daughter and niece to the beach just the 3 of them

#3197  Elon student texting me and asking me to pray for her and her boyfriend and the people in the car accident they witnessed.

#3198  Hummingbirds finally came back!

#3199  Seeing our kids hang out together with a huge group of friends at the pool on a summer night

#3200  Helping serve pizza to a bundh of hungry swimmers

#3201  Given a job offer at ProFeet, Inc., owned by a Christian friend and accepting it.  Yet it’ll be a big adjustment and challenge since I haven’t worked for 17 years and it’s accounting which I have no experience.  But trusting God has me there for a reason.

#3202  I survived the first week at work on my own…but barely…but still grateful

#3203  Getting to know people at work

#3204  Evening with college neighbor and giving him the workbook “Experiencing God”

#3205  Sharing my testimony with my boss

#3206  Daughter prayed for me after a frustrating day at work

#3207  Painting with daughter

#3208  Seeing former art professor at the grocery store and catching up

#3209  Lunch on the patio at work reading “Nothing To Prove”

#3210  Text from friend to encourage me at work

#3211  Surprising office mate with a cup of ice from Sheetz

#3212  Giving co-worker a surprise card to encourage her

#3213  One the 1 year mark of dad’s time in heaven, giving mom and my sister what I wrote about him the month after he died

#3214  Being asked to lead an FCA small group

#3215  John 21 experience with God and shepherding His feet…answer to prayer to lead the small group of Elon athletes

#3216  Seeing the first Elon volleyball game to cheer on Maddie

#3217  Our teens liking their classes for 9th and 12th grades

#3218  Hard Eucharistic: they’re grown up and both in high school

#3219  Hard Eucharistic: going to work because it’s hard for me to pick it up but grateful for a job that’s flexible and led by Christians.

#3220  A new office mate – a friend from church of many years!

#3221  I finally got the checks run correctly after many weeks of messing it up

#3222  Time with family, including Aunt Jennie and Uncle Jerry and hearing childhood stories of her and dad when they were growing up

#3223  Those who have survived the devastating hurricanes this summer in Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida

#3224  Husband, spur of the moment, went with friend, CEO of Feed the Hunger to help hurricane victims

#3225  Listening to FCA Elon athlete tell what God’s been teaching her at Fat Frog bar and grill.

#3226  Sending texts to college girls

#3227  Leaves starting to change color already in September

#3228  “But if you say so…” Peter in bible

#3229  Listening to The Quiet Collection by Emily Freeman

#3230  The 5:15am time with God with the aroma of candle burning

#3231  Working with daughter at Salvage Sisters

#3232  Meeting in person and getting to know a girl from our online bible study at Panera

#3233  Hard Eucharistic:  Jerry Johnson quickly getting sick and passing away but now in heaven

#3234  Me, this broken person, serving broken bread at church for the first time at communion

#3235  The lovely sound of a bird singing

#3236  Hard Eucharistic: Being “put on the spot” to answer questions college girls have about life at an FCA meeting…and being honest.

#3237  Riding bikes down the Creeper Trail with family

#3238  Hard Eucharistic:  senior night at son’s last home soccer game but a joy he enjoyed all 15 years of his life playing on a team

#3239   Small group dear friends who come to cheer son on at his last game

#3240  Son asked to escort a friend on the Homecoming Court

#3241  Son’s being the entrainment of Halloween with friends

#3242   The gift of tickets and an invitation to go to the theater DPAC  with dear friends to see “ Love Never Dies”  Part 2 of Phantom of the Opera

#3243  Last minute trip to Miami with husband to get away from work and busyness

#3244  Needing time just the two of us.

#3245  The beautiful 83* weather

#3246   My mom being home with the kids while we get away

#3247  This time to read a book, write and add this post while sitting at the pool.

#3248  overcoming a fear of speaking out

#3249  The book SW gave me – devotions for people who are grieving from loosing a loved one.

#3250  Talking to Erica on her 21st birthday

#3251  What I read in the grieving book about being a artist

#3252  breeze on a hot swim meet

#3253  opportunity to help edit and organize the office for Susan Bowen

#3254  Tears when watching conversations in IF:2017 about ordinary women sharing their stories about discipling others – tears of joy and glory to God

#3255 SMC Women IF series and joy showing it to the 30 who came

#3256  Time talking with Susannah in the midst of her chaos moving and caring for her mo and praying for her on the sofa

#3257  Prostrate prayer before IF:2017

#3258  Prostrate prayer proclaiming the Name of Jesus against evil one

#3259  Feeling of peace and juoy seeping back in 

#3260  My afternoon time with Jean M.

#3261  The Valley of Vision she talked about and prayer

#3262  Hearing its healing to be numb

#3263  Callum calling and asking if I’m interested in a job

#3264  Interview with Callum and offering me the job if I want it – with ZERO experience

#3265  Being raw and real

#3266  Serving at B2S

#3267  Date night to new restaurant

#3268  Grady excitement and anticipation of going to NYC mission trip

#3269  Seeing G off on train to NYC to serve in the Name of Jesus

#3270  Praying with Grady about his trip

#3271  Seeing Libby nack home from grandparents

#3272  Watching HSM2 with Libby

#3273  The 5 hours alone to work on devotion with Jesus

#3274  The new desire to write a devotion with cirection

#3275  Cindy visiting

#3276  Nehemiah 8:10  The joy of the Lord

#3277  Labeling FhH bags 

#3278  Seeing pictures and hearing stories from Grady about his trip

#3279  Reading journal from 2010-2011 and how I was freed from depression and how God ministered to me and revived my joy and soul

#3280  Nothing to Prove study by Jennie Allen

#3281  Listening to Jill Brescoe speak at IF about when she’s scared having to take a step forward before God gives you the courage to try new things – take new calling or opprrtunity

#3282  Holy silence after Jill spoke and SMCW gathering

#3283  Lunch with Susan Disher.  It had benn 5 months since we’d talked

#3284  Susan treated me to lunch at new to both of us restaurant – Tangent

#3285  Delicious tacos 

#3286  pulling cucs and tomatoes off vines in our garden

#3287  talking with Laurie for over an hour on the phone

#3288  the comedian video Laurie sent mme about depression

#3289  Hearing how Jack M. shared his story at camp

#3290  Hearing how Grady wished to be back on a mission trip

#3291  Grady writing about his trip

#3292  Maddie texting me to pray for her, Daniel and people in a car accident.

#3293  Hummingbird finally came to our feeder this summer

#3294  mom taking Libby and Cate to the beach for a few days

#3295  comfortable summer evening timing at a swimmmeet

#3296  Message from Jama after many months 

#3297  Starbucks with Maddie and hearing her excitment for spreading the love of Jesus.

#3298  Long, heart-to-heart convo with Grady about college and God’s plan

#3299  smiles and counseling with Monica

#3300  Reaading my dad’s letter to me

#3301  God’s timing for me to read it again – today – even when written 23 years ago.

#3302  IF:Gathering at SMC – final night people sharing leaving space and time of silence be – and women sharing.

#3303  The hug and whisper Angie Hailey gave me as she left IF early and said I’m one of her “I love Jesus more because…” people in her life.

#3304  Abbey Sykes shared at IF that “I am her ‘I love Jesus more because…” person

#3305  College student at SMC Kayle asking to meet with me

#3306  Maddie sending me her new address

#3307  Hearing Kayley wHitsett’s story called to start Bible study in Asheville, NC where not many churches are

#3308  son healthy Dr report and may be last appointment there…growing up!

#3309  knowing my “responsibility” isn’t just work in a business but work for Kingdoom purposes

#3310  Angela Presley’s message about notbeiing comfortable and giving Jesus ALL

#3311  20 years of marriage

#3312  asked to lead an Advent Bible study at ProFeet, where I work.

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