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I’m stuck:: Day 21 Hold Tight Series

It’s Monday morning.

I’m stuck.

I had an idea for a post today but it just didn’t happen.

It was about vision and promises.

But as I’ve struggled writing about it the past month, I decided to give up for now because I haven’t seemed to be quite ready to delve into it.

So I had no idea what to post to keep my 31 Days momentum going for Day 21.

I dug out my winter coat from the closet because it was the coldest morning this fall so far. It was time to take the dog for his daily walk.


As I walked down the road, I honestly began to question God if this writing thing is something I should even pursue anymore. Am I misusing my time? Should I be putting it somewhere else instead or are my words even worthy of posting? Maybe I should take a break and be a closet writer?


When I got home I opened my bible to read the Scripture for today: Luke 24:13-35. I’ve been in a great bible study with a bunch of great women called Good Morning Girls where we’re dissecting the book of Luke. It was about two men walking down a road who had just witnessed the days prior to Jesus’ execution. They were walking and talking about it when Jesus, who had risen from the dead that day, shows up and joins their walk and conversation even though they didn’t realize it was him they were talking with. Jesus had asked them what they were talking about and they told him about Jesus who performed miracles and was a powerful preacher and what had happened to him. They continue to tell him:

21 “We had been hoping that He was the One—you know, the One who would liberate all Israel and bring God’s promises. Anyway, on top of all this, just this morning—the third day after the execution— 22 some women in our group really shocked us. They went to the tomb early this morning, 23 but they didn’t see His body anywhere. Then they came back and told us they did see something—a vision of heavenly messengers—and these messengers said that Jesus was alive. 24 Some people in our group went to the tomb to check it out, and just as the women had said, it was empty. But they didn’t see Jesus.”

My knees hit the ground as tears roll down. Those two words have been reappearing to me recently yet I was ready to just quietly put them in my closet and jump in after them.

That moment didn’t necessarily answer the questions I had asked Him just an hour earlier but He wanted me to know that He is present. I knew then He is. All I wanted to do was praise and thank Him for just listening to me.

How in the world can I not believe in Him when those two words appear in the same paragraph in a translation I had never read before on the day I was doubting myself? When for some reason those two words have been resonating in my spirit lately?

I still don’t know exactly where that leads me but I do know that whatever I do, as I walk this road of life, He promises me He’ll be beside me.

In case you’re interested, here’s the rest of the joyful Scripture I read this morning. Let us remember Jesus’ resurrection and have new life every day, not just on Easter!

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