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I Must Confess This Week


At the beginning of Holy Week, I must confess.

I am the woman who sat down to listen.  I am the woman who’s too busy to hear.

I am the one who is begging for mercy. I am the one who cannot seem to forgive. 

I am the one who builds a bigger barn and hoards.   I am the one He put in charge of His possessions.

I am the envious man who worked all day.  I am the man who hardly worked but still got paid.

I am the one who won’t get out of bed to help his friend.   I am the one who still cannot seem to understand. 

I am the one who doubts and can’t seem to believe.

I am the one who thirsts and hears He will relieve.

I am the one.

Part of me is like part of each one of those people who listened to Jesus say those words face to face.

Jesus gave his life to replace our death.  He was beaten, flogged, spit on, mocked, suffered and nailed to a cross for all of “those people” whom he was teaching a lesson after committing a sin.  He taught me a lesson reading the Truth.

As I remember the suffering and salvation God did for me, I must confess.

I am the one who hides, lies, blames, doubts, envies and consumes.  I am the one who is selfish, shameful, stubborn and scarred.

I am the one who thirsts, begs, pleads, cries, and hungers. I am the one who desperately needs I AM.

I Am is the One who came to this earth and exposes, tells the Truth, loves, gives, is certain and blameless.  I AM is just, merciful, compassionate, omniscient, powerful and mighty.

Because I Am took on Himself all my sinful actions and thoughts, I can overcome them and say:

I am the one who is saved, forgiven, redeemed, healed, and restored.  I am the one who is loved, set apart, plentiful and thankful.

You are the one too, whom The One has died for in order to redeem you.

You are the one whom The One adores.

I want to take those promises with me this week as I reflect about all that Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, did for me, and for you.

{This writing for this post was inspired after listening to the song Mystery of Mercy by Caedmon’s Call and I’d love for you to listen to it as well.}


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