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I Must Remember Joy

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Even when things swirling around in daily life makes you dizzy, confused, or just overwhelmed like me, I must remember the joy of God and the many things I can thank Him for.  Here’s some joys I’m thanking Him for these days. 

#2518  first smell of honeysuckle

#2519  Listening to son tell us about the invention of automobiles and wind at the dinner table.  Bringing laughter.

#2520  Seeing my college roomie as a nominated teacher of the year on Kelly and Michael show.

#2521  Finding a wild rooster in our backyard and then hearing about him from others around town

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#2522  Strawberry picking with my family – some for the first time

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20150516_144520985_iOS - Copy

20150516_144805009_iOS - Copy

20150516_144714587_iOS - Copy

20150516_145158341_iOS - Copy

#2523  Guys day at the air show

#2524  Memories from the church I grew up in

#2525  The comment my husband posted in our sanctuary where we got married

#2526  Getting two new books in the mail

#2527  Eating salad with the fresh lettuce in our garden

#2528  Daughter playing her flute in a band concert

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#2529  The bouquet of flowers Gran gave our musician from her garden

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#2530  AD: The Bible Continues Series on NBD family time on Sunday nights the past couple of months

#2531  My husband told me I don’t make an earthly income but a heavenly one for our family

#2532  Conversation with a stranger yet sister through Christ about deciding whether or not to go to IF in September and giving her 2 verses, Proverbs 3:5-6 and 2 Coritnians 1:17-22 which helped become an affirmative.

#2533  Unexpected smell of a magnolia on a morning walk

#2534  Extra prayer time early in the morning when you can’t sleep

#2535  Needed rain

#2536  Hard eucharisteo: Needing to write about ISIS

#2537  Going to the book store with the kids

#2538  Another good school year (and now it’s over!)

#2539 Daughter getting team language arts award

#2540  Son great Freshmen year of high school

#2540  Son offers to wash dishes after dinner

#2541  Spring and Summer dinners on porch

#2542  Writing Scripture on our dear friend’s wood posts of their house being built




#2543  Telling friend and author my idea of a book and their advice and encouragement

#2544  Fun evening with friends at Saturday Night at Saxaphaw, NC



#2545  Surprise seeing out of town college friend at Saxaphaw

#2546  Love and Valor band

#2547  Surprise gift from my husband’s parents

#2548  Writing time at CFA

#2549  packing food for ISIS victims with FtH


#2550  the snapping turtle in or backyard that brought a little bit of excitement


#2551 a campfire in the back yard on a comfortable late spring evening


#2552  my Mother’s Day meal


#2553  my Mother’s Day cards


#2554  my Mother’s Day gifts – flowers for the summer


#2555  Our church’s student ministry’s creativity and fun

#2556  Knockerballs!

#2557  A flower growing from a sidewalk crack

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