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It Simply Started With One Question

The cheers and whoop-whoops were heard loud at 10am last Saturday.  A parade of families – elementary aged kids holding their younger sibling’s hand, moms, dads, grandparents, great-grandparents, and teachers come to the playground.

Music was playing, games were set up, and bouncy houses were blown up and ready to be invaded by hundreds of small hands and feet.  There were endless amounts of hot dogs, Icee pops, and bottled water accompanied by words of thanks in different languages, but all with one, common smile.

People of different ages and races were dancing – together.  Kids were running and giggling.  Bean bags were tossed and crafts created.  Faces became works of art and balloons turned kids into knights and princesses.

Today I’m writing over here on our women’s ministry blog and you’re welcome to come over to finish reading this post where I’m sharing a relevant story about a conversation one of our church volunteers had with a woman attending a Back 2 School event we hosted.

What IF women developed relationships with women different than themselves?    What IF you get out of your comfort zone and come alongside women not like you?  

Then come on over and pull up a chair…

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