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Joining in with artists

OK….so I said I was taking a week break on posting, but I just saw this and couldn’t resist.

The creative and talented graphic artist from Studio JRU is making things fun on her blog this week with showing ideas of how you can decorate around your home with Show Offs Art. She’s asking people to link up and share “fun ways to show off your show offs art!”

What I like about show offs art is how it gives simple and creative reminders of God’s Word. Reminders of His promises are especially needed in our busy days and all the unrest in the world around us.

We need simplicity in the complex. It’s this simple: God’s love for us is woven throughout His Word. In the midst of our busy family calendar, where we’re running in and out and all around, I want His Promises all over our house to remind us of His Word!

I haven’t necessarily done anything different or unique with these pieces of art (although these have been great ideas I might try!), it’s always fun to see His Word in bright colors to grab your eye and heart.


I love bright colors in our sunroom…where I spend so much of my time! “Trust the Lord with all your heart…”. (Proverbs 3:5) Trusting Him is what I need to be reminded over and over, so that verse is displayed in that room I’m in so often!




My daughter likes the “peace” sign that can be found everywhere these days. There’s no better peace than the peace we have through Christ. (Philippians 4:7) I love this canvas to remind her of the true peace we can have. And there was no better place to put it but right over the bookshelf in her room where she spends much of her time…in a book (or looking outside for caterpillars and bugs!) It’s the first place and thing you see when you walk into the room. Focal point!


Joshua 1:9. That’s one of my life verses. so of course it’s a verse I want my family to also remember! So why not put it in the kitchen where we’re together as a family the most.



The way I see it, if we have His Word throughout our home, it can help bring encouraging reminders daily. It’s been fun showing off show off art! I hope you find joy in His promises!!

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