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Just Scratching the Surface: For my Husband


He loves movie popcorn.

He picks up the piles I allow to grow high in the laundry room.

He tells me I’m beautiful when I don’t feel like I am.

He plays basketball with our son when it’s 35* outside.


He’s our family’s financial planner…and good at it.

He’s a visionary.

He works hard no matter the circumstances.

His big, blue eyes. Enough said.


He still holds me even when my feet and hands are ice cold.

He still loves me when I’m grumpy.

He really is a good cook and can make some mean mashed potatoes with his air-brushed flamed Kitchen Aid mixer. He even creates new recipes and they’re good.


His corny lines make me laugh.

He’ll listen to the music our kids like to hear even though they’re not his favorite.

He can fix almost anything which includes toilets and he’ll go under the house with who-knows-what is under there.

He sacrifices for his kids and wife.

He can make others laugh.

He’s not sloppy. He likes a clean and clutter-free home yet still loves us when we don’t keep it that way.

He knows the title and singer of almost every 80s song that comes on the radio in 10 seconds or less when the song starts playing.

He’ll get in the cold water at the pool to give our daughter a ride on his back.

He encourages me to write.

He’s a great editor. (for example when he read this before I posted it and found some corrections. <3 )

He tells our kids to respect their mama.


He supports my dreams.

He listens when I finally speak.

He knows what I’m trying to say when it comes out wrong.

He can finish my sentence for me because he knows me so well.

He love to open our home to others.


His heart loves to give to others in Jesus’ Name.

He’s so good at explaining Scripture to our kids at their best understanding.

He’s my knight in shining armor.

He’s my best friend.

elon party 13

That just scratches the surface of the list of gifts he is to the people in his life, our family and to me. These words only scratch the surface trying to describe how thankful I am for him and they only scratch the surface trying to tell or show him how much I love him.

In the scratches on that surface his compassion, dedication and wisdom fill in the cracks which daily deepen. And as they widen, so does love.

Love fills in the gaps and draws us closer together as our age grows.

That makes me happy.

Happy BIG birthday to the love of my life!

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