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Let it soak

Joining in today with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Today’s word is REFLECT.

I’ve slowly been reading over these words:

“The Lord will be all the light I will ever need. Your God will provide your glory…”

Let that soak.

God will provide ME with glory. We are glorious to Him.

God, I won’t need the sun to brighten my day or the moon and lamps to give me light. You, Lord will be all the light I ever need. You will provide my glory, brilliant for all time. Your sun will never set; your moon will never be eclipsed in shadow, for I’ll bask in Your light, Lord forever! Never again will I suffer the dark night of despair. (Isaiah 60:19-20 VOICE)

I so don’t deserve to bask in Your light or have an ounce of Your glory. But I’m so humbled and gracious that You don’t see me that way and You WANT to share glory and be glorious with me…to be a reflection of You.

Thank You.

God, You’ve kept showing up this week as Light in the Word and as I’ve been decorating for Christmas. It makes me want to say the words in Isaiah 60:5…

“Then you will look and be radiant; your heart will throb and swell with joy.”

Lord, I look to You and feel radiant; my heart throbs and swells with joy because of the love You have for me.

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