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Love and Security

Today’s our 16th wedding anniversary!

My husband has been the solid rock in our family and our marriage. He’s never left my side, my hand…or my heart.

He never quits, never gives up, and tells me every night before we go to sleep that he loves me.

Every day, the past 16-plus years of our lives together though, hasn’t been like a romantic love story seen in the movies or read in a book. How often does that happen?

The past 16 years, more times than not, there’s nothing about me that’s romantic. But through the years, underneath stretch marks, some extra bulge, quirks and bad habits is his love that doesn’t fail.

He puts up with my stubbornness, laziness, quietness (and some days silence would be a better description), doubts, fears and insecurities

Yet I know we’re secure. We are secure with each other and know we are secure in God.

Love is secure even in the midst of daily struggles. Love grows stronger when challenges are overcome. “God does not give us overcoming life – he gives us life as we overcome.” (Oswald Chambers)

There’s been days when our kids want to test their boundaries, when it’s been a hard day at work, when we take our frustrations of other things out on each other. But when we remember the covenant we promised each other, there’s always that security net in our marriage for each other that will catch us when we feel like we’re failing and falling.

And then we realize we’re really just falling in love with each other more.

I. am. so. thankful.

Also joining in today with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is “story”.

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