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My prayer today

God, You are present and I thank You.

Your Spirit allows us to be transparent and vulnerable.

Your right hand is in all things.

Your plan and purpose is always for the good, even when there’s fog and hard to see it.

You are righteous, holy…and intentional.

You give the gift of challenge and change so we can depend on You more.

You restore relationships, renew purpose, and reignite the flame of determination that can make a difference for good.

You give us grace; let us give the grace to others.

You give us wisdom through Your Word; may we study it, marinate it, be convicted by it, and live by it.

May we know how to balance grace and words of boldness.

May You speak Truth through love so we can do the same.

May the brokenhearted find rest in You.

May release bring healing only through You.

May I live wholly and completely for You.

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