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My Scarlet Cord

Joining in today with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is RED. It’s one that has made my red heart beat a little faster…

The scarlet cord is frayed and has been re-knotted I don’t know how many times. It’s the cord that hangs down from the edges of my almost 20 year old book to signify the risk I should dare myself to take.


That red ribbon, which was given as a gift from someone unknown, has been in my bible for several years. It was made to be a reminder of Rahab’s story. Have I lost some of my vision?

God’s vision?

I’m now realizing that each year since then, that bright color has seemed to fade into the color of dullness that surrounded that bright, scarlet cord Rahab hung from her window in that almost-everything-brown and dusty city of Jericho.


There was a battle. It was coming.

She had heard about this almighty God and His people and was probably scared to death in fear of the unknown and the battle that was known-coming.

Rahab CHOSE to risk everything she had for a God she barely knew. God CHOSE and WANTED TO give her grace. She CHOSE faith and as she made that decision, God redeemed her. Then two spies showed up. The only thing Rahab could do was dare to tell them her story, her idea, her dream to be rescued, redeemed and restored…and used in a new way.

Her faith started off the size of a mustard seed…maybe even the size of a piece of dust in that desert city.

Recently, that cord in my bible has become brighter to me. It honestly kind of scares me to think that a battle or a flood or a bolt of lightning could come anytime. But if that cord has become ruby red to me, then what am I waiting for? Am I willing to hang my scarlet cord down from the window in order to take the risk to have people God puts in my life rescued, redeemed and restored as well?

What is your scarlet cord?


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