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My Son Is Sixteen Today; God Only Knew How Fast He’d Grow Up











You’re sixteen.  Sixteen!  How has this happened?  Wasn’t it last week when you played with Grady Grader, the Woody Wagon Chevron car, and would sit on my lap as I read books about being a fire fighter.  Sixteen years ago, I didn’t know time would go by so fast.  There are a few things I do know, though.

I know you’ve always been a good kid.

I know you have about 600 days until you walk across the stage with a cap on your head, holding a piece of paper ushering you into a new chapter in your life.  600 may sound like many but when you started off with 6,570 days, that means 5,970 have already gone by. In other words, you have just 3 years until you start a new adventure.

I know you’re now a genuine, handsome, respectful, hardworking, funny, and personable young man who loves the Lord (and also has a proud mom).

I know that even though you’ve grow up, you’ll never grow out of my heart.

There’s a few things I want YOU to know.

I want you to know how much you are loved by your parents, sister, family, and friends.  More than all of us put together, by God.

I want you to know God’s Word.

I want you to know how essential it is for you to make time to talk man to man with the Man.

I want you to know that even though you’re growing up, starting to drive, starting to look at colleges, and starting to make your own decisions, I’ll never stop cheering you on, I’ll never stop praying for you, and never stop loving you.

There’s so many more things we’ve come to know the past sixteen years, but there’s still many we don’t know. I believe God knows though.

God knows where you’ll be in 12 years, in 7, in just 3.

God knows what your future holds.

God knows the plans He has for you.

God knows your heart and your heart for others.

God is a good, good Father and I pray you’ll always follow Him.

I’m so proud of you, Grady and this mama is blessed that you’re our son.

Happy 16th Birthday, son!  Your mama loves you!

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