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My son’s bravery

Joining in Five Minute Friday and today’s word is BRAVE.

The last time he ate was last night at 10pm and will be the last time until 6am Saturday morning. Our 13 year-old son is fasting for 30…well 32… hours. I think that’s a lot for a growing young guy who’s much taller than his mom, who can run like a horse (and sometimes smell like one too!), and who can eat 4 big servings at dinner and still eat more.

His bravery is growing big too. Bravery of standing up for his faith in front of his teenage peers, in front of his teachers and coaches, in front of our community in Burlington, NC. He and many teenagers from our church are joining in with this international event sponsored by World Vision in the 30 Hour Famine to raise awareness and money for starving children throughout the world.


Our son had to choose though between fasting and joining in the event or going to a soccer tournament. It was a hard decision. It was hard not to make it for him as a mother. But he needs to be making these life/faith decisions on his own to help him grow inside as he keeps growing outside. The game was scheduled to be there in the morning and after 30 plus hours of no food and lack of sleep from trying to outside in a cardboard box, there wouldn’t be much energy to play.

His heart keep calling him to participate. In his heart the Spirit was (and always is) present. He chose fasting. He chose sacrifice. He chose to fight hunger for others in need. He chose bravery. He chose to live out his first name…be courageous. He had to tell his coach and his teammates and what a hard thing for him to do. But he did. And honestly, as his mother, the thought and worry crept into my mind of the possibility of his peers and others looking down on him for the choice he made. But, as his mother, I’m even more pleased to see him want to serve and honor God. That light of joy overcomes the shadow of worry.

He felt joy and excitement and even a little nervous about this commitment. And as he anticipated it, the next day we find out the soccer game was rescheduled for later in the day. God is good. He blesses those who are obedient. God wants us to be like Ester, who stood up for her beliefs regardless of the potential cost.

Praying for the kids and the faithful adults who minister to them, to have a life-changing and life-giving experience today.

(Yes, this was a little over 5-minutes but what a perfect word for today!)

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