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Piles and piles

Joining in with others at Five Minute Friday where you take a quick five minutes and just write to see what flows out. Today’s word is TREE.

Almost all the leaves are off the trees.

Piles of them need to be raked, jumped in, and moved to the neighborhood street. Almost every house has a pile of leaves at the end of the yard.


Piles and piles.

Each family has piles of stuff. Stuff like the piles of paper that need attention on demanding work days, piles of homework and papers mom needs to sign, needing to be at three different places all at the same time. There’s piles of laundry, dishes in the sink and just stuff on the kitchen counter – the collect-all place.

Those piles can overwhelm and exhaust.

Why not pile life with more joy, laughter at the dinner table, love notes tucked in lunch bags, conversations that lifts up and not tears down. Pile grace, hope and peace on top of all the piles of everyday stuff that swamp and sap energy.

Those piles of grace, hope and peace will somehow make the piles of stuff a little smaller.

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