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Ready for filling up…….Little Revelations Day 23

The leaves are brilliant in the trees now. Leaves are beginning to fall off the trees now. We’ve already pulled out the rake once, knowing there’s many more times in the near future.

The trees will be empty of leaves before we know it. I’m already empty though. I’m empty and ready to be refilled. I’m anxious and excited and everything in-between. But I’m emptying myself of doubt and fears…only filling with hope for unexpected joys.



“So often in autumn I want to go lean my head against a tree and ask what it feels like to lose so much, to be so empty, so detached, to take off one’s shoes that well, and then simply to stand and wait for God’s refilling. It sounds so simple, so easy. It isn’t easy. But it is possible.

I think I’ve met one person in my lifetime who was truly empty. I didn’t ask her what it felt like, but I remember a quiet joy that seemed to permeate her spirit, and she looked free.

We autumn struggles must try hard not to wear discouragement as a cloak if we can’t wear enough emptiness to make us free. It takes a long time to get as far as even wanting to be empty.

Our hearts are hungering for the Sacrament of Letting Go. Once we discover that we already possess enough grace to let go, trust begins to form in the center of who we are. Then we can take off our shoes and stand empty and vulnerable, eager to receive God’s next gift.” (emphasis added)

Seasons of the Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr

Thanking HIM for

#1013 ears to listen and heart to pray

#1014 beginning to pack

#1015 reminded of Hebrews 10

#1016 colorful autumn leaves

31 days
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