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Reminder: How small I am and how small he was

The Christmas holiday is in full swing. We’re already getting Christmas greeting cards and pictures in the mail (we’ll be lucky to get ours out by Christmas!), the parking lots are crazy, all the Christmas parades are over with Santa and his wife wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as they ride off to help get the sled packed by Christmas Eve.

I do enjoy listening to the Christmas music on so many different radio stations and playing on our Pandora. There’s a couple of songs that bring tears to my eyes every time I listen to them…and I hear them often because I give them a thumbs up on Pandora whenever I hear a different version.

I enjoy them because they put joy in me. But they’re not the songs I usually hear on the secular radio stations singing how we’re to deck the hall with boughs of holly, jingle all the way, and have a holly, jolly Christmas. (although that is one of my favorites!) I do think it’s pretty cool that secular radio stations are playing some classic Christmas songs about Jesus though!!

But there are certain songs that bring me joy deep within. They remind me how small I am and how small HE was when HE came to save us.

”Fragile finger sent to heal us Tender brow prepared for them Tiny heart whose blood will save us Unto us is born Unto us is born

Welcome to our world”

When I get caught up in feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list I need to accomplish in the NEXT 14 DAYS, I need to stop and breathe. Be still. Purposely make a silent night…even a silent moment would be nice. How small it makes me feel, though, when I think how stressed I can get with the holidays but then think of the weight Mary had to have had in the dark when she held that tiny Messiah in her arms the first time. She held the weight of the world…yet the Light of the world. She could probably hardly breathe.

Jesus became that breath from heaven she needed. She whispered, “Breath of heaven hold me together. Help me be strong. Help me be. Help me.”

Jesus, Breath of heaven, help me. Please help me to hear your still, small voice in this loud and crazy world this holy season. When there are silent moments, help me to just be. I want to cherish that gift…to just be in Your Presence.

Inhale grace. Exhale peace.

Joys last week:

#1097 day with other moms at a book warehouse and out for lunch

#1098 gift held – Breath of Heaven


#1099 gift hung – the silver angel hanging on the little wreath. I’ve never hung it there before and it’s always reflecting and mirroring the light all day long. Reminds me that the Good News of Jesus arriving shines bright!!

#1100 gift heard – son’s middle school band playing in the Christmas parade



#1101 being at Christmas parade with family and friends







#1102 daughter walking in parade with the troop



#1103 beautiful, sunny warm – 65* December day

#1104 driving through Christmas lights display at the retirement community with family



#1105 shrimp chowder

#1106 fun weekend with in-laws and niece

#1107 helping Feed the Hunger – packing meals for hungry children in 3rd world countries (more to come!)






#1108 going to see children’s production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” with daughter at the theater.

#1109 sitting beside the 93 year young man and his wife at the theater and hearing his story

#1110 song “Welcome to our world” by Amy Grant

#1111 song “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant

#1112 “{God} is before all things, and in him all thing hold together” (Colossians 1:17)


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