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It’s “5 minute Friday” and I’m joining in with the others and today’s word is “root”.

It’s time to pull up the roots. It’s getting to almost freezing at night and there’s still little green tomatoes on the branches amongst the last few red ones. It’s time to pull up those mean roots of those pumpkins, or gourds, that took over our garden this summer, even though there’s still some baby green gourds still starting to grow.

Those roots are everywhere and we won’t know until the spring if we got them all up or not…we obviously didn’t last year.

Roots grow deep. Sometime those roots need to come up and it’s hard to pull them out. Sometimes we have to dig deep to make it loose that grip. Like the deep roots of a tree, there are times we need to loose the grip holding onto deep roots of guilt, resentment and fear.

But roots are essential.

The roots of your family’s story is part of who you are. There are roots of friendships that have stood the test of time and you could hardly live without. The roots based on the Truth, faith and love, we pray, are embedded in our children’s hearts to never be uprooted.

Where are your roots?



Joys this week:


#1037 fresh and crunchy caramel and chocolate covered apple

#1038 husband’s homemade mashed potatoes

#1039 Gran’s meatballs recipe

#1040 fellowship with friends Oct.31




#1041 Coach Nana’s chili and rolls



#1042 sharing my Allume experience with friends at home

#1043 daughter’s impromptu snow skiing costume

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