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Snow and tell



It felt like I was a kid again. Those days when it snows all day and you’re out playing in it, sledding and laughing and being simply care-free.

It’s been a joy sledding with my daughter, watching ours and the neighborhood kids build forts, snowball fights and snowboarding off homemade snow ramps with their ambition to be suspended in air like those we’ve been watching in the Olympics.








It’s so exciting because snow is rare in this area these days.

Those kids had no worries, were sledding, running and jumping with pure enjoyment and joy. They didn’t care when their gloves became wet and snow melted causing cold water to roll down into their boots soaking through their three layers of socks. It didn’t phase them that their cheeks becoming a little frost bitten.

Even though I loved every moment being out there in the midst of all the fun (which was a few hours), this mama was ready to come in and thaw out before they were.

Once I got inside and into dry, comfy clothes, the snowflakes outside grew in number and size.

It began pouring snow – hard.





Yet there’s not even the sound of a whisper. The flakes are huge mixed in with those tiny ones – all looking different. No two looks exactly the same.

Isn’t that like how God created us? None of us exactly the same and we’re all spinning around not knowing exactly where we’re falling…and often times silently.

There are moments like this that interrupt our norm. It makes us slow down. Be quiet. Rest. Enjoy the simplicity of a snowflake. It’s to break our routine to remind us God is beautiful and big and grace-full.

But it doesn’t stay this way. The snow eventually comes to an end.

While thinking of that, my mind drifts to the IF:Gathering last weekend. Over 25,000 women from all over the world, each unique and beautiful, swirled together for two days to celebrate how God is beautiful, big and grace-full. And calls us.

Women joined together to be still and listen and worship and pray. There were times of laughter, tears and being still and knowing He is God.

But we were not created to be in silence and stillness forever just as watching snowflakes silently fall won’t last forever. There comes a point where we need to be like those kids who’ve been waiting for this enormous snow event for years and it’s finally here! They can’t jump outside soon enough with excitement and anticipation as they propel themselves into the territory of untouched beauty.

They run through the snow with full and complete joy. They become snow angels and victorious warriors in snow battles. They build ramps and dare themselves to soar off them. They relentlessly sled down high hills climb right back up them to do it again. They abandons all fear and failure and worry and stress as they laugh, whoop and fly ahead.

And maybe you laugh that I compare such a thing as snow to the IF Gathering but it’s constantly been on my mind the past week so I can probably relate almost anything to it.

My heart and stomach and nerves and soul are swirling around like these snowflakes. And I honestly don’t know exactly where they’ll fall but I do know it’s not time to be silent anymore.

We are to DWHTY.


I read words from Ann Voskamp a few days ago how as a follower, .

“Do Whatever He Tells You. Walk across whatever field, take whatever mountain, cross whatever sea. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says can’t. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says don’t. Doesn’t matter if anyone else says won’t. All that matters is whatever He. Tells You.”

So listen and make time to do that. But I don’t think we’re to sit a wait forever wondering if what you’re thinking you’re called to do is what God wants you to do. DYHTY. If it’s not what He wants, He’ll let you know one way or another. But if you sit and wait too long, you might miss the opportunity.


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