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The Importance of the Moment this Holy Week Part 1

Do you try to live “in the moment”? There are different opinions on how to define that phrase, but I see it as living where you are Right. Now. Many times it’s enjoying what is happening at that time. It’s the moment when the score of the basketball game is tied with only .5 seconds left in the game and the shot is taken and (what seems like forever in slow motion) it swishes in the basket to win the game! It’s the moment of a friend’s special birthday and doing something crazy to celebrate it.

It’s the moment of making a decision that will allow you to overcome an obstacle. It’s the moment of crossing that finish line.

Over 2000 ago, Jesus lived in the moment. All the time. He knew every moment counted for eternity.

Artist: Octavio Ocampo

Our family is reading a book during Lent. It depicts what it would have been like the final days of Jesus’ life from the perspective of a 12 year old Jewish boy. Up until now, he didn’t accept or want to believe the stories that had been buzzing around Jerusalem about this rabbi named Jesus. But one afternoon there was so much commotion outside. He was on a bridge with his two friends, one who believed his teachings were true, looking down and seeing hundreds of people waving palm branches as Jesus rode on a donkey into the city. “Hosanna to the King!” the people cheered, waving those branches. Jesus and the people were all living in the moment; but that can be seen two different ways. Jesus was living in the moment because he knew what was soon to come. He treasured one of these last moments he’d have with the people who followed him. Their rejoicing was a gift from them to him.

The people were living in the moment, too. But sometimes we have to be careful during times like that because when something exciting is happening, emotions can sweep us up for the moment – but just for the moment. I quote what the author wrote in our story,

Sometimes it’s easy for us to be moved by emotions at a church service, at camp, or even when talking with friends. But being emotional about Jesus isn’t the same as having a relationship with him. It takes more. It takes a willingness to let him be Lord of your life, which means giving up all you selfishness.

When you live only by occasional experiences that bring emotion, like that parade in Jerusalem, – “it can’t sustain a relationship with Jesus for very long.” There has to be more that than. When you have a relationship with the Lord, then those moments are holy ones which only bring you closer to Him.

Artist: Fred Stratton

Each day this week, I want to reflect on Jesus’ week before his crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus used each moment of his life to serve and to love. We should all try to see each moment of life as a way to serve and to love and to give Him thanks.

So, each day this week let’s focus on some of “the moments” that were so significant to Jesus’ final days that affect our lives today.

Rejoicing and waving branches at Jesus for these gifts last week: #1286 this Holy Week to remember #1287 eating at a new restaurant with friend #1288 hearing and sharing dreams and challenges #1289 rain held off at soccer game #1290 gift found in women – running/walking/obstacle climbing to support breast cancer research and having fun at it with friends

#1291 crazily living in the moment and making lasting memories #1292 playing in the mud

#1293 my college roommate all four years and celebrating her birthday 20 years later. #1294 gift found in women – the heart for each other in friendship

#1295 gift found in women – strength

#1296 my hubby being my biggest cheerleader #1297 gift spoken – humbling hearing 2 people speak to me about my writing #1298 gift spoken – the words our daughter spoke at the church Easter play at church

#1299 gift spoken – the story of how the young girls in the play, and everyone young and old, who heard and learned about Jesus, Peter, the cross and forgiveness

#1300 Gran and granddaughter, DM and grandson, hubby and wife all have special time together Saturday

#1301 parents and niece coming to see our daughter in the play at church and their safe return home in the snow.

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