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The song that kept skipping

I hear that classic beach music song as I’m sitting here waiting for my hair to magically turn into different colors. There’s so much chatter in the room beside me and the music streams down from the speaker overhead into both rooms.


Because of the laughter and conversations about various things, the people in the other room don’t seem to hear that song skipping on the CD. Those words keep repeating, “I promise I’ll always love you, always love you…” over and over. Honestly, when I realized the song was skipping, I instantly thought, “This can quickly become annoying.”

But should it?

What if I heard those words repeated over and over every day?

They could if I listen closely to the quite Voice singing inside, but are often muffled. This is such a good reminder I wouldn’t mind hearing over and over playing in the background of a busy day cluttered with conversations, running kids here and there, and all the other little and big things that need to be done.

And playing overhead God’s saying over and over again…. “I’ll always love you, always love you.”

Joining in today with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is HERE where you just write for five minutes and stop. Quickly glancing at emails before I ran out the door this morning, I saw the one Lisa sent and what today’s word is. Not having time to join in then, I went on with my list of places to be today. I’m thanking God here for the daily moments when we can hear His Voice, even when you’re getting your hair done. (BTW…they realized the skip after a while and fixed it!)

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