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The Story of a Selfless 14 Year Old Girl

Nadine in front of her damaged house

This is eight-year-old Nadine (Right).

Nadine’s father died in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and their family is homeless. Her mother has four children in all and is unable to feed them or send them to school. So Nadine’s older half-sister, Auguste (below, 14), has parked herself in front of one of the Feed The Hunger (FTH) programs in hopes that she can convince them to take in Nadine. She was not asking them to take herself in too. She was more concerned about her sister. She was selfless. A recent FTH mission team met Auguste, and we are now working with our Haitian partner to help this family.

Auguste’s selflessness, even when living amongst intense poverty, is a testimony of her devotion to Jesus. She’s living by the Word which tells us to, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Auguste honored Nadine above herself.

How often are we that selfless?

Feed the Hunger is not a child sponsorship program. Rather, your monthly support provides additional opportunities to “train up a child” for one of the 6,000+ children overseas who are currently being helped on a daily basis. It also allows us to add more at-risk children, and feed their spiritual, physical, and educational hunger.


It’s a James 1:27 day and I’m sharing a story from a Feed the Hunger trip to Haiti and an invitation to learn more? For more information click here.

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